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A warhammer into my chest. Blunt-force impact with all the intention of a fist to the face. But how could I had seen it coming? Oh, to make me maudlin; to make me sing out in despair. Your face alone is enough to send me into woes. I sing your funeral violins every time my hand slides down my stomach. I can’t deny you. I can’t defy you.

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Oh, those famous words. “We are legion,” that strikes fear into the churchgoer’s heart. They cross their palms and pray like Jesus, like earth-worshippers, and they fall to their knees and obediently suck in their spare time. Devils and demons walk this earth in multitudes, they’ll claim, fluttering their fingers at their foreheads, pointing nails and painting pentacles. Demons and devils are all amongst us.

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We had so many of them, down below. We had millions of them, laughing gaping empty eyes with empty mouths and smiling teeth. They said in their endless babble, “We love you, we love you, we love you.” They pulled and broke things with their grasping hands. They dragged us down and smothered us with kisses. With a children’s view, I might’ve loved them, but they needed me so desperately. They cried at me with kitten’s voices and I had to shut them up. Don’t you understand? I had to.

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Your lips are round around the scarlet orb hovering in your mouth. A muffled groan of frustration comes from your limp form.
“Stay there,” I say, harshly. Your thighs press together in anticipation, emphasizing your bruises. “You don’t like it?”
Another, more frustrated thump and muffle. I laugh. “Baby,” I said. “You’re drooling.”

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These girls who softly gasp “Daddy” into their pillows, they sicken me, how the fuck? I said, “You have issues, then, with your dad,” they say, “I have abandonment issues, I never knew my dad.” Okay, but if you ask me to call you five letters, the ones I have reserved for sweet childhood glimpses only, I will shed my clothing like an eternal moth and scoot the fuck out of there, I mean, disgusting, the way you taint these things like this.

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You said, “Darling, it’s not a thing to worry about. Forget about it.” Your hands spoke differently. Oh, your eyes were cold. Why did I remember them? You were nothing but jack-daws, faceless mouths, gawping hands. Eyes on your fingers that scoured inches and centimeters, digging into the microscopic pores of my skin. You’re a menace, you should be put down, I yell, hopelessly, my feet dangling an inch from the sidewalk. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.

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