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The Sergeant-Major’s voice boomed out across the parade ground…”Dismissed!”.

As one the platoon of men turned and fell out and started to walk back to barracks. It would shortly be time for the mess and no-one wanted to miss that given that this afternoon was to be a 10 mile route march.

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The sweat poured off his brow. It dripped into his eyes, blurring his vision. With a shaking hand he wiped his eyes to restore his sight and then to remove some of the sweat. Even as he wiped it away, more seem to appear like a waterfall.

He had only a few minutes left to cut the wire…which one, red and it might be bang and it’s all over, blue and all might be safe again!

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To adopt is to make something our own. Whether you adopt a child or a principle or vice, we make it our own. It’s a useful thing to do. When you have a problem, adopt it. Make it your own and find the opportunities that exist within that problem and within it’s solution. When you make a problem your own, then it becomes less of a threat and more of a learning experience.

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Walls, they enclose to keep people out and they enclose us to keep us in. They are a protection and they are a prison. We need walls, whether they are the physical walls of our homes or the mental ones that protect us from the barbs of the outside world. We need our walls.

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The camera shutter whirred as his finger depressed the button. It was an old fashioned camera, it captured its image on film rather than as digital bits stored in a bit of silicon. He loved the look and feel that he got from film. It was warm, it had almost a life of its own.

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It stood in the small garden with a brother. Tall, white and full of life, the beehive literally buzzed with excitement and life. The bees inside were collecting the pollen from the first day of spring.

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