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Beginning is always the hardest. Whenever we begin ddoing something, we need throughout consideration. We need to ponder the risks and possible outcomes, so that we can predict the action is worthy to do or not. It is true that sometimes what we think is the best option may not turn out as we predictred, but at least we minimised the possibility of such an outcome. It takes skill and I will try my best to learn it .

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There is so many claims in this spurious world. Many of them are false claims while some of them are real.
Distinguishing between real ones and false ones are our daily and ultimate challenges. While making false claims are easy enough, staying ingenuous and stay away from those claims are inexorably difficult.

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Despite my interest in medicine, I know I only had a mere chance to get in MBBS. The grades demands are too high for me, the average admittance requires a distinction in all subjects including CHINESE, which sadly crushes my dream.
But then excluding that, I myself actually dont have any subjects with exceptional interest.
Despite of our wishes, the reality is always consistent with our dreams.

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Together we can always achieve more than that of being alone. That is very true for many occasions. By working with others, we can avoid our own weaknesses or drawbacks, by using other’s strengths. It is like a single chopstick is susceptible to be broken, while a handful of chopsticks is unlikely to be broken by bare hands.

However, sometimes we do want to work alone. You can focus better without other distractions and hence working alone may be a bit less time-consuming. But well, if one can actually utilize and organize teamwork efficiently, working together is definitely far more effective than working alone. But still, it depends on whether you possess that skill.

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Everyone likes their hobbies because it makes them feel alive. Like when I play computer games, it makes feel like im in control of more things and that sense of power is actually quite addictive.

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Luckily, I dont have asthma. Im glad I dont. Every september, when a form is distributed easking whether u contracted asthma, I find myself relieved to fill in the NO. blank. Afterall, I love my PE lessons so much that I couldnt afford to miss one lesson. It is out of my imagination how I would survive without a single PE lesson in my secondary school life if I got asthma. There’s a lot of things that we should have appreciated in our lives and this is defintely one of those.

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OK. I dont konw this word. Anyway, I am going to check this word up after the minute. But I am recently trying my best to learn as much new vocabularies as possible. My vocabulary base hasn’t expanded much since I was form one. I basically wasted 3 years until form 4 which I learn some science subjects but still not from language subjects. Well, I guess it is never too late and I hope i can recover at fast as possible.

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I have been to the Twin Towers when I was very small, so long ago that I could barely remember it. In fact, My parents have taken me to quite a few places when I was small, even when my mum is pregnant. So technically, I went to a lot of places, but well, all I could recall is the ones that I went after I am 9. Sadly, when I got to school, I got less time for travel, and my father got busier in his job and we seldom got the chance to travel together again.
Luckily, we took photos back then, and its so pleasant to look at those photos now. Me and my dad, wearing T-shirt with same design on it, and on my head hang a coat, and I was holding his hand, jogging happily… Oh god, I just wish I knew how to conserve my memory back then.

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There are inevitably all sorts of bindings in our lives, in everyone’s life. We have to be related and sort of bidden to our mother, by the umbilical cord, and to our parents, under their looking after and caring. Then when the interactions between us and the world increase, we are bidden by different relationships, earning a living, emotional and physical actual needs, health …etc.
We are all bidden. People with actual or real freedom is who we call nuts or mad. Sad but True.

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To be honest, I have no idea why I never tried getting a spa, not even once. My parents just dislike it. Maybe they are just too lazy or too busy to spend so much time for a such a so called enjoyment. But I do know they were busy because of me, That is pretty much enough for me to know though. One more thing I also is that I will be, and must be, busy for them in the future.

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I used to be fascinated by headphones. The brands, the styles, the tones…etc; it just intrigued me. It feels pro when I am wearing a professional headphone to listen music, not to mention its god-like quality. But, well, it cost too much and I couldn’t afford it, so I just turned to buy a earphone. A nice one though.

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Reflex is such a fascinating phenomena in our body. It helped us in our lives even though most of the times we just didn’t or couldn’t notice it. It works like just like the janitors in our society. Small and easily ignored, but substantially important.

» Posted By ifyouknowwhatimean On 09.08.2012 @ 2:19 am

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