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The fires reflected in the gasoline lain over the roads. The car lay there, a hunk of metal, silent almost as if it was always there. If a car crashes into a wall, and there’s noone there to see it, could you take it back?

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The knife was dripping with blood, it grinded along the blade, the drips hit the ground like bricks; echoing throughout the disused factory building

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The severity of the wound meant they knew she hadn’t long left, but in a moment, the group saw something beautiful. As her body began to drain of energy, and her breath slowed, they saw a faint smile pass by her eyes

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Hitchikers guide to the galaxy, a book I’ve never read because I’m not really into sci fi, but yet it has a quality of whimsical pondering which I feel very attatched to of late, indeed, my blog often has that tone. I think it’s because of my course, I’ve been searching for the answers to just about everything since I started.

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woven between my arms, hair brushing over my shoulders as I clasp her close to my chest. Our bodies sway in unison, in symphony, and sync. She moans like a…whale? OH YOU KILLED THE MOOD. crude fucker.

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Woven in along with the spaghetti there seemed to be some sort of pastry. What kind of caterers are these? No wonder they offered to do it for free, about as much use as a chocolate fire, never mind the fireguard. I never even liked Spaghetti

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Her fingers were woen inbetween mine as her heart is woven to mine also, she looks off into the distance as we walk down the road towards the inevitable, a single tear drops from her cheek and hits the ground with a deafening silence

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Being made whole is quite impossible for someone like me. I’m an ambitious individual, which I had always seen as a good thing, but does this mean I’m never actually going to be satisfied, is the reason I search for more not because I just want to experience more, but maybe because what I have is never enough. Are all ambitious people unfulfilled?

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I think that feeling wanted is the most comforting emotion in the world. In ‘how to win friends and influence people’, Dale Carnegie talks of just how important it is to appreciate someone. It’s the reason most marriages split up, which is why we commonly hear arguments such as the man never says thank you for the work the woman does around the house (a bit sexist I know) and the woman doesn’t appreciate the work the man does to support the family etc.

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I hate ‘the wanted’. What an incredibly manufactures band they are, one of them looks like a mouse, another like a vapid cask of a perfume model, and another like a ferret. And one of them has untrustworthy eyes

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