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it wasn’t for his sake that i threw the rosary into the pit with the rest of him. he didn’t believe in god no more. hadn’t in six years after soaking up all the sin he could, the fucking sot.

no, i threw my rosary in because i figured my prayin’ hadn’t done a thing to stop it.

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we leave them open after the funeral.

she would have wanted her room well-lit. she would’ve wanted sunshine to drive out the shadows clinging to our eyes every time we stop in front of her room, her toys still scattered in an arc around where her body had lain the moment her heart stopped. between the hospital, the arrangements, and the funeral itself, we haven’t cleaned it.

still life of mindy, we call it, hoping the sun brings back some of her warmth to a place that doesn’t know how to cope without it.

» Posted By hiraeth-writes On 06.21.2017 @ 12:02 am

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