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This was a major problem. A really major one.
He didn’t know what to do about the girl in front of him, her eyes leaking like a faucet as her body was shaking with sobs.
Her friend was dead. How the hell was he supposed to fix THAT?
Not to mention…How was he supposed to fix HER?

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My breath hitched as I stumbled forwards, heading towards the box attached to the wall in front of me.

I had to figure out this puzzle, or I was dead.

Jigsaw had made that point perfectly clear.

My limbs were shaking as I reached the box, fumbling with the latch, and tearing the little door opened, ready to do the task the psychotic man– no, MONSTER– had told me to do.

I pull out the gun and aim.

And I shoot myself.

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They are a dysfunctional family. Normality was never a choice.
They are personifications of nations. They can never be normal.
If they were normal, what would the fun in that be? They have to be abstract.
They’re abstract because they are made of many people. People have different opinions.
It makes them dysfuncitonal, as a personification AND a family.
But they like it that way.

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You are a ragtag group. All with different interests, different personalities.
You are like a family; a dysfunctional one. –Yes, even if some of you ARE related loosely.
But you all seem to enjoy this: being together.
You are the Allies, and you are a dysfunctional family.

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There were towers everywhere in this vast city, all of golden color. They housed residents of pure-white, with colorful garbs. This place was prosperous, hence the name Prospit, and were kind, meek people.

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