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I honestly can’t think of anything for this word. I’ve never thought of using it. I guess it reminds me of Jimmy Neutron… Metroville or somethng like that. Metro… Metro… Sounds like a dogs name…. Hahahaha Come here Metro!!!

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A broken girl sat in the corner of the crowded room. The corner itself seemed to dim as she mumbled incoherently to herself. Those around her just stared and couldn’t take their eyes off of her. She struck fear that crawled up their backs and stood their hairs on end. She was misunderstood and no one could learn to be her friend. That’s when the teacher smacked the ruler against the chalkboard to bring everyones attention back to him.

“Alright, class has begun! Settle down and pay attention.” He went on, but the girl was still in her corner, headphones in, mumbling to herself the very lyrics that save her.

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The fact that she knew all about our plans gave her the leverage to push herself ahead and plot against us. She has the advantage more than we do, now it’s time to just sit back and defend ourselves until we get the upper hand once again. Only then will we be able to go through with our original plans.

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The tiles under my feet were perfectly geometric and perfectly placed to match with the walls obnoxious wallpaper. So I sat there and closed my eyes waiting for the right time to jump and escape their questions. The less information I gave the less trouble I’d have down the road. I don’t know who they think they’ve caught because I’m looking for the guy who did it as well. I will solve this mystery with or without there help.

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She held onto my shirt and pull at it as her soft breath tickled my neck and ear. Our bodies were so close and so heated I could barely breathe. I pulled her closer and tighter and she let out a breathy moan. I will never forget the way she moaned my name in my ear, so close to me. To know I was satisfying the need for each other was what kept me from losing my mind. But tonight I’ve lost my mind in a different way…

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I heard my name from across the room and something was mentioned about that night that had changed my life from good to horrible in less than 2 seconds. I shuddered at the thought and quickly ran down the hall, but the thought of that terror followed and bounced off the walls around me as I ran and I just couldn’t get away. I thought about running all the way into her arms, but I knew that no matter how fast I could run, I couldn’t run on water.

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She climbed the steps hesitantly. Her silky costume billowing with the night breeze, the house in front of her creaked and moaned as it swayed. Her friends stood behind her, teasing her. “You’re too scared! You won’t do it!” They taunted. She swallowed really hard and stepped up two steps. The door flung open and a gasp from every mouth shot out and the stampede of her friends feet running out of the yard sounded in the back of her mind. She was frozen in fear.

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The solution to the problem isn’t always clear. Sometimes you have to look deeper and deeper into someone, or something until you are completely sure that you have the true solution. Other people sometimes just don’t take the time to find the right solution. I believe this leaves the world incorrect and as a draft of what we could be. Successful aliens maybe… Global warming actually a myth…? Maybe. The solution is always the last that we think of.

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The camera in her hands wouldn’t turn on, her pretty face scrunched up in confusion and frustration. I watched as she mentally and almost physically stomped her feet. It was the cutest, actually it was beyond cute. I came over to her and handed my last few batteries to her, “Here these might help.” She then looked at me and smiled.
“Thanks.” She grabbed them and change her dead ones out. Pointed the camera at me and snapped a picture and giggled, “That was the solution.”

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The dentist in my mouth kept nagging and nagging about my rotting teeth. The only thing I heard was “Blah, blah, blah….” and the only thing that I thought about though was my favorite candy. The bubble gum in the pocket was calling to me, and I mean shouting. Like it kept screaming for me, but all I could do was stroke it in my pocket and try to calm it down.

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I fumbled through my pocket until I gathered every coin I had. I counted out 36 cents and set it on the counter in front of me. The old lady next to me looked at me and smiled, “I’ll pay for the cents.” I smiled at her and took my place in line behind her. The clerk scowled at me as soon as I walked up to pay for my gummy worms. The gummy worms were only $1.50. Before he rung up my candy, the screen that told me the amount I had to pay already had $2.00 showing. After he rung up my candy and put it in the bag, I handed him $1.50. “Keep the change.” I said, and grabbed my gummy worms and left.

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All my life I have never been seen, this year I was going to change that. I decided that instead of not joining any clubs I would actually be a part of something for the school. Not that I minded, it’s not that I don’t like the school. So when we got the club list at the short assembly, I turned to my best friend and showed her the one club that jumped out at me. Paganism, what a strange idea for a club. She took a deep breath and centered herself, then calmly looked at me.

“You know what happen last year…”

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I tried to reach the top of the shelf, but the as each minute passed it seemed that I grew shorter and shorter. Looking at the room around me I notice one thing that would catch anybodies eye, the family emblem… My family emblem. I ran to it and suddenly just before I reached it the floor beneath me started moving. Or I started hovering, because I was being raised to the ceiling. Panicked I screamed as I thought about the pain of being crushed to death.

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She entered through the door and couldn’t even believe her eyes as the blood pooled around the fresh corpse of her best friend. It was all she could do to stop herself from throwing her lunch all over the floor. She turned and ran from the scene, reaching for her cell phone, almost crashing through the stair railings. She caught her balance, but still threw herself down the stairs. Her fingers stumbled across the keys of her phone as she dialed 911. Her heavy breathing caught in her chest every other moment.

» Posted By herbutterfly143 On 10.18.2012 @ 9:33 am

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