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“i’m the prince of the moon,” he says, eyes never leaving the lake.

rom blinks, incredulous, gripping the handle of his sword. “so what? are you going back? is that what you’re telling me?”

shuuzo laughs under his breath, and tosses a star into the middle of the lake where it lands on the moon’s reflection, the little ripples shining against the starry sky.

“yeah,” he says quietly, a small smile pulling at his cheeks, his eyes forlorn. “it’s my punishment. i’m banished until i fall in love with a human, and then i’m forced to come back.”

rom doesn’t know what to make of this.

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rom doesn’t usually beg, but he’s making an exception this time. this is the closest they’ve come, the farthest they’ve gone, the longest shuuzo (shuu, his shuu) has left his walls broken down.

“damnit shuu,” he growls out, equal parts anger and longing. “please.”

shuu opens his tear-bleary eyes and looks up at rom with alarm and perhaps even anger himself.

“why can’t we just let go?” he grits out from between clenched teeth. “why can’t we just move on?”

rom gives him a light shake before crushing their mouths together, hard and sloppy. shuu feeds him a shuddery breath before clutching rom’s shoulders, clinging to him.

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the panties were made of cotton, eren noted; they were white and simple, nothing lavish save the lone, tiny pink bow on the front, right below the elastic.

he leans in, kisses a wet trail down the inside of levi’s thigh, revels in the way levi twitches in his hold.

“they suit you,” eren murmurs against the milky skin before canting his gaze up to meet levi’s eyes.

the other man is far less amused, given the way he stares dryly between his legs, right at eren’s coy face.

he slides a hand into eren’s hair and cups the back of his head. “less talking, more…”

eren watches levi expectently, awaiting a sultry order, but levi’s eyes merely flicker between eren’s face and his own erection, straining against his worn cotton panties.

eren chuckles, finding something oddly funny about the momentary innocence. levi only snorts. they’re both used to levi’s awkwardness by now.

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“please, please, please,” he begs at your knees, his tears dampening his blindfold. he inches forward, cheek nuzzling your thigh blindly, desperate for any kind of contact with you. “eren, baby, please.”

your eyes glimmer, green-gold, and you reach down to rake a hand through his hair.

“you can do a better job than that, can’t you?” you ask, tone teasing. you give his chin an affectionate tap, and he shudders at the suddenness of the tender gesture. “beg.”

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“mery christmas and happy birthday, levi,” eren says with a warm, red-nosed smile.

levi shivers, though it isn’t from the snow falling around them gently. he says nothing, merely grunts in acknowledgement and thanks.

eren smiles before reaching forward and taking levi’s tiny hand into his. suddenly, he drops to a knee and pulls a small velvet box from his coat pocket. the reason for his face’s redness is suddenly very obvious and apparent.

“levi,” eren begins. “i have something i’ve been meaning to ask you for a long time.”

all levi can do is stare down at who he knew was going to be his future fiance in a matter of moments, silent disbelief on his pale and quickly reddening face.

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they stands in a patch of flowers, a wreath of looped daisies in eren’s hands, and he stares at levi with big, curious eyes.

“i know we’ve been friends since we were born,” the little boy says before extending his arms out, holding the crown of flowers out to his friend. “and my mom told me that when you love someone, you ask them to marry you. so i’m asking you.”

levi stares at his childhood friend, the boy he has known for as long as he can remember, with a pensive expression. “what?”

eren frowns hard, cheeks red. “i’m asking you to marry me, levi!”

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eren growls as he mashes random buttons on his keyboard, giving his monitor a frustrated glare.

“what’s got you flipping out over there?” levi asks from the other end of the couch.

“i have to write something for my creative writing class,” eren answers, a tinge of a growl in his voice. “the prompt is ‘bellboy.’ what the hell is a bellboy?”

“huh?” levi grunts back, turning to eren with a perplexed stare before returning his gaze to the television. “the hell if i know.”

eren sighs before returning his gaze to his monitor. “fuck this prompt,” he mutters in annoyance.

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eren looks up at the tall tower and sees a soft, sullen face staring back at him from a window.

“hey!” he calls out, waving a hand up at the man. “i’m here to rescue you!”

eren is ignored, save for the man grimacing down at him. “hey! can you hear me?!”

“shut the hell up down there!” levi calls back. “i’m trying to read and have tea. if you’re going to break me out of here, come back in an hour.”

eren stares up at him, expression incredulous. is this really his princess…?

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“true love doesn’t exist,” levi murmurs to himself as he holds eren’s gaze for a few moments longer. the boy– the monster, with its unseeing golden eyes and enormous teeth only grunts, fingers twitching as if it were resisting the urge to squeeze levi.

“you hear me, eren? true love doesn’t exist.”

with that, levi closes his eyes, leans in, presses his lips to the giant’s teeth (where lips oughta be).

when he opens his eyes, there’s a bright-eyed boy with green eyes grinning at him.

“joke’s on you, levi. i guess it does.”

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the beginnings of an annoyed sigh cuts off when he feels the tips of eren’s fingers trace along the grain of his undercut, and the warmth of the boy’s lips against the back of his ear is painfully distracting.

“keep typing,” eren insists before peppering kisses along the curve of levi’s neck.

levi tries to focus on his work, but eren’s mouth is all over his neck and jaw. and the light squeezing at his hips is impossible to ignore; he ends up throwing his glasses onto his keyboard and groaning, unabashed, when eren’s hand slips down the front of his pants.

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eren is equal parts touched and confused when he reclines on the tattered sheets, prostrate and nude, but when he feels the tips of levi’s fingers, cold with paint, brush along his clavicle, he decides it would be a worthwhile venture to not complain; after all, it isn’t often that levi is so open and personal with his artwork.

levi’s fingers are deft and exact as they glide along eren’s skin, painting shapeless whorls, circling around his nipples, trailing down to his navel, and stopping just above his groin. levi looks into eren’s eyes, watches him carefully. it isn’t until eren grins at him, a challenging gleam in his youthful eyes, dos levi reach down and share something intimate and personal with him.

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heat coils in eren’s stomach as he sucks in a breath and tries not to smile too hard. it feels good, having levi watch him so intently, so he follows through with his resolve and slides his hand between his legs to squeeze his straining erection. he moans, soft and quiet, and tries to contain a chuckle when he hears levi’s breath hitch.

“corporal,” he murmurs, stroking himself up and down and making it very clear who he’s thinking of while he touches himself.

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he traces his fingertips along the undulation of levi’s ribs and muscles, and eren can’t help but marvel at how helpless levi looks beneath him. levi is breathless, lungs empty from the efforts of his half-screams, skin flushed bright red and sweat-slicked. he stares up at eren with an unfocused gaze, though there’s a softness in his stare that always comes with his afterglow.

eren licks his bottom lip to rid himself of any residual mess. the taste of salt and skin is pleasant.

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his tears finally spill over his cheeks when romeo hisses in pain at his touch; corsica’s frown is almost painful, but he can’t help it.

“you idiot, y-you– you…you idiot!” he shouts, fists trembling. the puddle of blood staining romeo’s bandages seems to expand.

romeo laughs, somehow remaining charming while wincing in pain. “did i worry you?”

corsica growls and raises a hand to slap him, but ultimately softens and covers his crying face with the extremity instead.

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eren’s laughter is drowned out by the crashing of the waves, and he runs further and further along the shore with his arms outstretched above him. levi doesn’t bother hiding the small, tired smile pulling at the corners of his lips as he follows the trails in the sand the boy has left.

levi’s eyes widen when he sees eren turn around and wave at him. “come on!” the boy shouts at him. “let’s keep going!”

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eren looks up from beneath endless lashes as he slides levi’s boot off, slow and careful, as if the milky skin would break if he moved too quickly, as if the moment would be over if he moved too quickly. he runs his hand down the underside of the man’s calf and stops only to cup the ball of his foot, thumb tracing the dent of his ankle with a reverent touch.

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the rain washes all the blood that has permeated into the ground away, the almost black crimson dulling down to a bright red, and slowly into a clear white. levi drops his blades, nearly throws them, and eren sinks to his knees. their eyes are wide, pupils blown, and eren’s face is tear-streaked.

they did it.

that was the last titan.

they killed the last titan and humanity is saved and they can finally start living their lives, they’re free now.

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eren holds the bundle of mint leaves up to his nose and takes a tiny sniff of them. he has to turn away from mikasa and jean, a bright red blush creeping across his cheeks, before he buries his face in the fresh herbs and inhales deeply. he wonders in the back of his mind what he would do if he snorted a bug. mostly, he’s stuck reeling in the familiar scent of corporal levi’s tea.

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she’s so happy she could die, here in the mermaid’s arms, being kissed so gently and lovingly that she wonders how she hasn’t suffocated or passed out from sheer bliss yet. she was half-expecting the woman to eat her, but no, there were no bitten lips or forceful shoves, no taking without permission. where she thought she might find brutality, all there was was sweetness.

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he lays in bed and sniffles, his bright red nose feeling full and scratchy, fogging his head. at the foot of his bed, his familiar lays curled up and sleeping peacefully. corsica frowned harder, if possible, and groaned in frustration as he tried shutting his eyes once more.

he’d told romeo to go to the ball with someone else, preferably a girl. he isn’t sure why he said that, corsica knew became jealous easily, but he didn’t want romeo to miss out on the fun either. not because of him.

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his eyes are red and his dominant hand is his left; corsica had plenty of reasons to be self-conscious of every inch of himself aside from his inability to cast any magic whatsoever. even as a child, a frail and pale and pretty thing, he felt awkward and out of place and unapproachable. everyone else in his class wrote with their right hands, but apparently it was traditional that people like him write with their left, and so his mother had him practice every day, her own left hand guiding him, her red eyes twinkling with pride.

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eren has to hold in a wail of anguish as levi looks him up and down. he ruffles the skirt of the wedding dress he’d been forced into with a petulant grunt, and feels his face heating up when levi’s eyes linger on his exposed shoulders and clavicle.

“yeah,” levi finally decides, looking to hanji at his side. “this is the one.”

“great!” hanji chirps. “petra will love it!”

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eren feels his heart jump to his throat, heat spreading through his face and neck like a rapid fever.

levi is smiling. levi is smiling and it’s the most amazing thing he’s ever seen.

he could die at this moment, he thinks with the dainty fondness daisies seem to hold for the sun, and when levi even goes so far as to laugh, eren really does melt, going lax in the bed, eyes wide with surprise and awe.

“what’s with the face?” levi asks incredulously. his expression has returned to its natural, sullen look.

eren smiles, a daft and lovestruck little thing, and rolls over to embrace levi tightly.

“no reason.”

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i can’t do it, she mumbles, ducking her head down to stare at the clenched fists in her lap.

lucy blinks; once, twice, three times, and shakes her head. taeyeon, she says slowly, can’t isn’t really an option for us right now. the boiling lizard… we need to defeat it.

taeyeon looks up, normally placid and timid eyes brimming with fear and wetness. lucy, i really can’t. i’m not strong like you.

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you have exactly thirty days to finish this project for her. even if it’s just about a month, it feels like even less time than that, like minutes even. your heart thrums in your chest as you remember the smile of gratitude she gave you, the way her voice keened in adoration and happiness, the way her fingers brushed yours as she handed you the fabric. it’s just a dress, you tell yourself, it’s just a dress for the most beautiful girl in the world. a dress for the girl you’ve loved ever since you started high school.

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he watches him from the other end of the library, eyes narrowed from behind his glasses, and tries to deduce why in the world he’s being stared at. does romeo have a problem with him? corsica wrinkles his nose at the thought, can’t imagine why the other boy would be cross with him. he keeps glancing from over the top of his book and flustering whenever corsica meets his gaze. it’s infuriating, and corsica would very well scream if he wasn’t in a library.

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the stars are bright against the darkness of the night’s blue sky, the lemon grass and lily weeds are overgrown and stand taller than you do. the summer night, sometime in mid july, is still and tranquil, and you are alone. it aches, being alone, but somehow you know that if you wait long enough, the fox spirit you met all those years ago, the one you fell in love with in your previous life, will return to you someday. just wait, you tell yourself. just keep waiting.

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put me down you insolent baboon! holly shouts as she’s hoisted over a laughing barras’ shoulder.

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eren holds the red lotus in his bare and calloused hand, eyes wide and green and innocent; it was by far the strangest plant they had come across yet.

he looks over his shoulder to cast a wondering glance up at levi. the flatness of levi’s lips and the rise of his brow seems to indicate he’s pretty impressed too.

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when they first discover larkspur seeds, armin is the happiest of the three of them, with his loud breathless gasp. eren is curious but at the end of the day has little interest in horticulture, and mikasa has never been particular about flowers one way or the other.

all three of them smile and join hands though, because this is it, this is proof of eren’s dream.

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