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Jongin stares up at the cloudless skies as he skips through the meadows in is hometown. Kyungsoo tries to catch up to him but he keeps triping in the tall grass because of his rather short legs.

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what is an instigator? i have no idea what this word means. I do want to write about xiuhan. But I don’t think I can relate them to something like this I’m so sorry. I have no idea what this is. and it’s too late to take a peek at the dictionary.

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Junmyeon paces back and forth as he waits for his partner to arrive. It’ll take only twenty minutes he said, but the clock is ticking and it’s bordering on 30 already. He watches the waves crashing against the rocks below as he leans on the railing of the rusty watchtower where they’re supposed to rendezvous.

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