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I wasn’t interested in him, it was just something that fell on my path one day, on my way home from work. He was fairly good looking, and turned out to be somewhat funny too -the sort of guy mothers like. But I wasn’t any mother, and I felt like if that was what I was after -always nice and pleasing companion- I should have taken a dog.

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They said that pruning wasn’t going to do it this time, the tree was too old, too ugly. I said it’s mine. We had been planted on the same day. My sister’s great grand son came to my rescue. He helped me to put that fence around, carry the chairs and hang the lanterns. I let the rest to wait autumn and their harvests. I enjoyed of the summer nights, of the moments I still had to live.

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To compensate my silence, I sent him an image. It was me, but I was different in it. It had my outline, my smile, and my eyes, but from inside it wasn’t hollow any longer, it was stuffed with feeling.

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Stencils to make perfect pictures, finely lined, coherent and harmonious. But when do you see the perfection in imperfection? Maybe the balance is there, where the paint has splashed over, maybe the beauty is in the wrong pattern, in the whirl that breaks the harmony and makes it interesting.

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I was a native in the little circle we had formulated over the years. In an instance of conflict, there were three of us who’d always argue how we had more rights because we had been there longer than the rest. Only later did I come to realize the self-deceit: we could not operate as a small click for the common good of many, and at the end the three of us also just ended up confronting each other, trying to prove our powers. Once everything was destroyed, I needed to beg the new collective to take me on board. And there were a group of four, who considered themselves as the group of originals.

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They thought they needed more of firearms, canons, warheads and people to give their lives for the cause. The little transparent purple creature looked down from his pancake-bus, and couldn’t understand. In his planet, they all just worked for the common good, and these dupes here fought over who could destroy theirs best,

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He was a trooper, first class fighter, tough, tough, tough. But when his mommy came around, he was again that little boy in navy blue overalls serving tea from fine china to his collection of teddy bears..

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It was like a self imposed coma, the whole hulabaloo. Completely clueless, they went on buying all those plastic toys, too much food they didn’t even like, and ridiculous pyjamas for the ones they couldn’t come up with anything else. They were all there like empty shells acting on a scene, and their image was reflected in all the other windows of the neighbourhood.

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I was commissioned on result-basis, but I had no idea what they wanted me to do. Flower pots, maybe? Or a bridge? A little house for the birds to nest in, underground irrigation system, bee hive? At the end I couldn’t decide and just made them all, and got to live in a paradise.

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She said we’d need stencils, and I disagreed. I wanted something more personal, freestyle, improvised. But it was her kitchen after all. I was just a passer-by in her life, I was like a season. She would dust me out over the spring clean, I was certain.

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So you say that we are the great grandsons of the dinosaurs? Mmh.. I have always thought it was dragons. What? Fictive? But haven’t you red the book, where they explain how the world was made of golden light and the first living being to roam around was the emerald-colored dragon with his golden whiskers? And now I’m supposed to think that we the rhinos are actually molded out of dinosaurs.. Where did you hear that word from,what does genetics even mean?

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Affection, that unpleasant little bug that creeps into your system through your ear. It makes you sick and it makes you suffer, yet the doctors can never find it, it’s one of those invisible viruses. But you know it is there, you felt it growing inside you. And even if you know it is making you weak, at this point you wouldn’t even want to take an antidote. That’s how effective it is.

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It depends what you appreciate, what matters to you. It is your own personal scale and no one else can tell you when it is balanced.. And at times, you don’t even aim for balancing acts, but set it off purposely. You know your own balance and yet violate against it. Because you like it.

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Is this sarcasm, irony or just a a real bad joke? Easygoing? You? Never. Words like “nice” and “gentle” are not made for you. You don’t nibble, you bite, bruise and break.

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Pines.. She couldn’t see the beautiful trees any longer, all that remained was the dry, uncomfortable cones. The same circle, the same pattern, repeated till the bitter end. It wasn’t just one cone under the mattress, but a whole effing mountain. She didn’t even bother to count them. Anyway, they were always the same, eternally.

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He looked at the mixture, pondering weather or not he could use it. His intention had been to make it beautifully purple, but now it looked more like mushy green with slimy brown chunks swimming in it. May if he would distill it? The smell was still quite right, he was sure that the women keen on spraying toxic on their bodies would buy it, at least if it was sold in a designer bottle.

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The swinging crib. Why had she got it so early on? Never used, never would be. It was now just a storage for toilet paper and some extra towels she had planned to give to her sister’s dogs. Maybe the crib should go too. Now it was just a reminder of the life she would never lead.

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If I squint my eyes, I see it the way I want. Soft, mellow and hazy, like misty dreams made by the sea-side. So much better than this concrete-block reality. I move into my illusion and unpack my bags, I think it’s going to be a while.

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He looked at the mirror. Behind his squeezed eyes a picture started to take a form. There was a mouth, fairly small. Two eyes, impossible to tell the color, over-grown hair and two thin shoulders. At the bottom corner of the mirror his childhood hero smiled at him in his muscular super power essence. “I am you in secret” he said out loud. “Even from myself” adding in his thoughts.

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The weather was indeed biblical. I don’t know how else to describe it. Somehow everything looked a new, and yet the light seemed age old, like coming from some distant universe. I looked at the three suns above my head and wigged my tail in pleasure.

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Right after he got up he already run to her, on the corridor. She seemed all tousled and fluffy, like something you would put in your pocket to show your mother. But not him. He walked past her and said “good morning comrade” and didn’t wait for the smile.

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Pia! What do you do when you see her? Your heart says “no” but your mouth utters “yes.” And then, when you finally gather all your courage to refuse her and her monstrous orders, she will still make you believe you just want to play her a song.. So you sit next to the piano and obey her once again. Pia.. no..

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Hell, such an uninspiring venue. Always different, always the same! I don’t know what yours is, but I know how it is. That, my dear, we have in common.

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To transmit my world to you? Impossible. I can tell you how the air is brisk against my eyebrows, describe how the trees are dancing a lazy dance and explain how my hunger sits in wrong places like forehead and feet, but you would still only get the words. We are always apart.

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Oh! But it’s so complicated! Because there is also the weather, and the hour, and the lunch, and the shower, and the.. Only excuses. To be efficient is to be now.

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What can we do with a measuring stick? Nothing, nothing at all! Happiness, sorrow, hate and laughter, all given in an invisible form, with unbearable weight and unbearable lightness. You never know deep they dig, how high they throw you.

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If I jump now and let myself go, how deep will I go? Let go! Don’t ask questions. Turn your sinking into a voluntary dive. Look around you while you go down, see the beauty -instead of stars, the star fish, instead of sun, the rays. At the bottom you know why you are there: to kick back up again.

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I don’t know where this cold comes to sit in my bones, tickle my nose and jump between my shoulder plates. I need someplace warm to see better. Too breezy to move, paralyzed between these sheets.

» Posted By happyrabbit On 09.17.2013 @ 3:08 am


Who the hell you think you are, the senator? The king of the hill? The dictator of my thoughts? Step back, this is my space! Here we cultivate our own minds, harvest our own creations.

» Posted By happyrabbit On 09.16.2013 @ 7:31 am

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