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» Posted By hailey rose On 11.07.2013 @ 5:44 am


She expelled a biblical sigh, the words of prayer becoming imprinted on her thumbs as her clammy palms clutched the book. The summer sermons were beginning to run farther and farther into midday.

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The problem was that I wasn’t-efficient. The other’s eyes were eclipsed by theses and write up. Their eyes these scanners, brains computers, hands endlessly moving machines. But I, I just sat on my couch absorbing the Top Model Marathon. Who can resist Tyra’s fierceness?

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A slippery film of flour was left on my hands as the excess floated back into the bag. I measured out exactly one cup for the cake, being precise to the fault of taking ages to do it because momma says baking is a science. But it’s more holy than scientific in my family.

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I was her echo. The weak imitator. Her splayed arms, wild in conversation I copied with a slight flick. She bellowed, i squeaked, timid always behind.

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Fingertips pricked on the edges of grass over and over and she strolls throughout the oceanic meadow. letting her hands dangle free on the tips. The blue grass maze.

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I dont even know what to write, Im just really thirsty. Ive always hated the word aura. it just sounds like whoever is using it is trying way too hard. But whetever

If I had an aura, i’d be black. No. brown. boring. I’m supposed to be the super smart, peppy, girl with the brightest future of all. But now, I dont even want to get out of bed much less write an essay

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I followed the railway. I wanted to travel as far as I could see. Maybe then I would be far away enough. Or close enough to something good.

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It felt different than usual. There was some sort of pull. Invisible magnetic. But not forced. It slowly dragged me toward him as if I were being hypnotized. I’d never been so intrigued by a man before.

» Posted By hailey rose On 09.05.2013 @ 9:28 am

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