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I was cleaning my bedroom on tuesday. While doing so my mother asked if I could also clean the bathroom. I agreed and went on to clean the shower. In the bottom of the shower there was left over RESDUE. It was despicably disgusting. I was utterly traumatized. Next time I don’t think I will agree to clean the bathroom…

» Posted By gucci On 03.23.2012 @ 5:28 pm


Oh my gosh, I hate chores. Why can’t they just do themselves? I’m going to buy myself a robot like a roomba to do all my chores. My room is gunna be sparkly spotless. The world is gunna be owned by robots. Everything’s going to automatic. It’s going to be ridonkulous. yeah yeah.

» Posted By Gucci On 07.08.2011 @ 6:46 pm


animal crossing its a great game
i like those deer crossing signs cause they look like a jumping deer am i right
just kidding
anyways animal crossing is really really awesome because like you can live and stuff and people come to your house and are all like nice couch and i say screw you and dig holes around them and they start to cry and go home and im like whats your problem dude so anyway this chick was playin animal crossign and things got heated and so shes like do

» Posted By gucci On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am

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