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Suppose for a moment that we are alone. Suppose that there is no one else in the world. Suppose, then, that in the silence you begin to wonder, terrified, heart beating, beating until fit to burst, whether or not you can stand me. Suppose you can’t.

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He held an umbrella for her as she stepped out of the car. He was a most unusual man, that much was certain. A gentleman was not a thing to be found any longer; a gentleman with a butler was rarer still. All those new-moneyed tech whizzes and swill merchants hadn’t a stitch of class.

» Posted By grovestrolls On 08.24.2011 @ 9:10 pm


Deer. They frolic in the park and it seems, for a moment at any rate, that they belong there. But the truth is: they are an abomination. An antlered, hair covered counterpart to the devil himself, as far as I am concerned, devouring flowers & happiness alike.

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Each cell is behind a thick wooden door, brass numbers in elegant serif type bolted to the front at about head height.

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Teacher is what they called him, though others might have called him Father & others still might have called him things much worse than that. But he was responsible for their education, such that it was.

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They send her to the corner when she’s been bad, or when she’s spoken out of turn or asked too many questions. They send her to the corner out of fear and out of loathing, forcing her to sit in the dark where two walls meet, the intersection of all that confines her staring into her face.

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How bout you, sideburns? you want some of this milk? Hipsters with glasses and fat sideburns, tight jeans & boots with spurs — clinking down the Williamsburg avenues like men in a western, but without the guns or the bravado, or, it must be said, the badassery. But a deal more pretension.

» Posted By grovestrolls On 05.29.2011 @ 8:05 pm


As a collector of curio’s, a lot of odd things come into my household. Things that people have held onto for generations, things that people find in gutters or in attics or in basements, curious little things. And occasionally, things that were better off unfound.

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It would seem right if all the forgotten things of the world should wind up somewhere together. All things left, discarded, done away with & so forth should be able to take pleasure in one another’s company, find solace in their mutual mistreatment.

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Heel, dog. Put your heels on. You look better taller. Don’t we all? The heel of the bread has always been your favorite part, hasn’t it? I’ve always suspected, but I never knew.

» Posted By grovestrolls On 05.07.2011 @ 9:57 am

Heel, dog. Put your heels on. You look better taller. Don’t we all? The heel of the bread has always been your favorite part, hasn’t it? I’ve always suspected, but I never knew.

» Posted By grovestrolls On 05.07.2011 @ 9:57 am


His brown curls glowed in the sun, slim, graceful wings sparkling and transparent in the sun. Alice looked up at him with wide eyes.

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She was cranky this morning. He could tell because the sky outside was the red of the Devil’s furnace, and dark clouds choked the sky. His mother was not an easy woman to deal with.

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Her neck was long and thin. Slender, like the blade of a knife. Not a very strange comparison to make, given the situation: she had a knife at her throat, he had a knife in his hand, pressed against the slight bulge of her Adam’s apple. She deserved it, that was for certain. He had justice on his side, goddamnit.

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The lake lay dark beneath the shade of the trees that hung low over its cool surface. The beauty and tranquility put the lie to the fact that tons of people had just been viciously murdered and thrown in. What a shame.

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God opened his iPhone, hands quivering. Steve Jobs really had done it again. Holy fuck.

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Tripping at the top of Everest is not something that one ought to do. It ought to be undertaken, if purposefully, with even more consideration than the climbing to the top. If done accidentally, well, there’s not much advice that I can give you except this: curl up in a ball, and roll.

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He made his living clipping nails. Not in a nail salon or anything like that. But he did give pedicures and manicures of a sort. You see, he was paid to clip the nails of dead people before their funerals. Most people want their recently deceased relatives to look good when they’re going in the casket, and everyone knows that a little manicure goes a long way. Clip clip, pretty as can be.

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Ever put things in a box? Yeah, that’s not boxing. Boxing is when you put on some gloves and beat the hell out of another guy. You make him wish he were never born and try to ensure that he’s pissing blood the next day. If his mother isn’t crying after you’re through with him, you haven’t really done you’re job. If his father isn’t crying, then you haven’t done it either. Think about that.

» Posted By grovestrolls On 03.31.2010 @ 2:09 pm

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