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He’d never considered himself a person who lived a life of decadence. Not even with his parents’ riches. But she was a luxury to have, a luxury he almost couldn’t afford and she blinded him each time he let himself go.

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They were selling things on the street. Seven glanced wide-eyed around her, trying not to flinch back as the shameless bodies vied for her attention, her money.

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Her hair spilled out of the bonnet, that’s how much of it there was, and escaped down her neck in auburn tendrils. I thought she must not like to cut it, but then most girls didn’t. And I also thought she didn’t look quite right in that dress…

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The note was signed your Father, but Hano had always read that last part in a spiteful way. He thought his father was mocking him with the fancy way the letters were scribbled.

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Her reputation was almost celestial. It was untouchable. And it could not, would not be dirtied by Elijah Grant if her father had anything to do with it.

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The room was burning. That’s what it felt like; that’s what I felt like. I had to get out, before the flames that were climbing the wall ensconced me.

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Chaos ensued.
Hano was standing, holding his hands out in front of him and staring at them as if they’d controlled themselves; wrapped their own selves around Jake’s neck and cut off his air supply. He stared if he hadn’t wanted them to, hadn’t expected them to, but had been unable to stop them.

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She wouldn’t stop her mumbling. It was incessant, and unnecessary, and I could not understand what she was saying which made it worse.
“Can you stop?” I wanted to yell. But I kept my mouth shut.
It was driving me crazy, though, and I would yell soon enough.

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The geometric equation swam on the paper. All Alice could see were bleary lines, and she didn’t like them. She couldn’t remember what she was supposed to do.
“Ms. Whitmore.”

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“Oh, so it’s not your fault you’re attracted to insane murdering freaks?”
Alice chewed on her fingernails. “He’s not insane.”
“Then what is he?” Colt was yelling now. “What exactly made him murder Jake, if he’s not insane?”

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There was a branch there that hung too low. Anyone walking past was at risk of getting scratched by it, or if they were really tall, a mouthful of wood.

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By the water, we lived. There was a beach, and a huge, rusting anchor on it. Or, that’s what I remember.

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Girls, everything I do, is for your welfare. I swear to you. See you all on Saturday.
With that, I was dismissed.
We all groaned and trudged out of the gym with complaints on our lips. Georgina and Taylor stayed to bring down the nets. And I sighed, peeling off my kneepads before I’d even got to the changing room.

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It felt like a tornado was going outside. Was a tornado going on outside? I could scarcely bring myself to look out the window, scared of what I might see. But what might I see? Rain, potted plants fallen over, and what? Soil stained tiles? That was all. No creatures, no faces outside watching me. Or so I whispered to myself.

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Her look said beware. Not her clothes, certainly not her appearance, but her eyes. Under the blue brightness and ice, there was a warning. Of course, Jasper found that warning impossible to resist.
If one thing had to make you different from everyone, he would choose warnings. He never could deny a warning.

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He smiled in this covert way, like he had a secret for her. Or about her. It was hard to tell.
“You know I’ve never been on a train this long.”
“You’ve not?”
“Nope,” She sighed and looked out of the window.

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“Do you want me to die?”
She was smiling thinly.
“No,” I said. “No, I don’t. I’d be so sad. I’d cry. Like, a lot.”
Then she laughed. “Dude, you’re so serious.”
And I looked at her, especially her eyes, to see if she was crying. She wasn’t. And there was nothing in her eyes.
I said in the same tone: “Dude, you’re so stupid.”
“Don’t call me stupid, you ugly pig,” She looked back at the computer.
I laughed. “Look who’s talking, dog.”

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He visited her as often as he could without telling anyone where he was going. They didn’t wonder either, except Emma, who was too curious, and too needy, and too wanting of him, in his opinion. She was the exact opposite of April and he wasn’t sure if he cared for her.
“Where are you going?” She’d ask, when she saw him shrugging on his coat.
And he’d give a vague answer, always

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The steps were creaky and old, and Elijah disliked them. Somehow, they seemed ominous. He wasn’t meant to be there. He knew it as well as anyone else knew it, and the thought bothered him greatly. He just wanted to be out. Out of society, of the realm of people’s opinions, including his family.
He was unsure of even to call them that. His family.
Malorie was his only family. Malory was his only. And he was her only.
It saddened him, and brought a rolling ache in his chest, that it had to be this way.

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