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She posed, hips slightly forward, lips pursed just like she had practiced, leg raised, head angled. The white backdrop made her red lipstick pop, but the boredom and exhaustion in her eyes made it clear that the money really wasn’t cutting it.

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Central to my heart is the family I’ve made. It’s my biological family, yes, but it’s also friends from high school, people I love and have adopted as my own. They are core to me.

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Is Jay jealous? No. How could he be? It’s not like he and Pete are dating, Pete is allowed to date anyone he wants, any girl. So, why does it feel like he is burning on the inside when he sees Pete kissing his new girlfriend?

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Going shopping was something Bell never enjoyed. Going to a clothing store for a long overdue new dress shirt? Now that was something worse. Bell hated having to try on clothes, seeing her self in the mirror and judging herself. Bell’s confidence is buried somewhere far, and It will probably never be found.

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it’s hard to care about anything. Ella can defiantly vouch for that statement, all her teachers say she “doesn’t care” and “has to start thinking about the future”. But what they don’t know is she actually already knows what she wants, to be in a DIY punk band with her friends. It seems a little childish in some ways, but it’s all she cares about.

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Basil, a simple but important ingredient to any recipe Andy made. He always made sure to add a little bit to any food he was cooking, be it a pasta dish or a nice vegetable dish. Andy’s friends always said he is somewhat addicted to the herb, but he always argued back that it added flavor to the dish.

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I tire of the tires that roll past the suburbs, no matter the time of night. Kids from other suburbs going to this suburb and then leaving this suburb and listening to Elvis and eating from Tupperware containers and forgetting, always, that the youth ends and the pills begin.

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It stood there, big, imposing, rustic. My eyes widened as I realized what this move meant. No longer would I have my own cozy bedroom at the top of the stairs. Nope! For the entire summer, I’m sentenced to rooming with nineteen other middle-school girls. I hope my obituary is good.

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It was dark. The snow fell in a little pattern around her face as she gazed into the sky. The stars always seemed to draw her in, twinkling in patterns and clouds drifted in and out infant of her. Seeing them was like a prize, getting a gold star for every constellation she could find.

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His voice, his singing, his laugh.
I love hearing his chuckle whenever I make a silly joke, or his snicker when I insult him.
I love blasting the music in his car, singing on top of our lungs songs with lyrics that we do not know.
I love the feeling of being around him, having his gentle whispers in my ears.
I love our conversations about everything, letting every little thoughts slide right out of my mouth.
Being next to him is like being in this soundproof room, that the whole world seems to disappear.

But now he is walking away, my voice diminishing every step he takes.
I stay in the soundproof room so that I will not hear him and his piercing footsteps.
Yet no matter what I do, his voice still lingers in my mind.

All I hope is that once in a while, my voice will come across his mind, so that he will pause, look back and smile, remembering everything we had.

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I do not have soundproof headphones. It is noisy in this building, this is what it is like to live in Hong Kong. Sometimes I wish I do not have to listen to my brother play piano, others time I enjoy it. Maybe I need soundproof ears that can switch on and off.

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One day in France me and my family were walking around. In the bakeries we saw and smelled a lot of different kinds of pastries and breads, one of those was a baguette. A traditional type of bread all over the world.

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Hazel dropped the pan with a loud CLANG, and cursed under her breath as she bent down to pick it up.

A concerned looking Michele stuck his head in from the other room. “Having troubles?”

“Oh, heck off. I only dropped a pan.” Hazel blew hair out of her face and set the pan down on the countertop.

“Yes, but you have flour all over your face and hair. Would you like help?” Mich stepped into the room with a bright grin, teasing as ever.

Hazel’s cheeks flushed red for a moment as she contemplated. “Yes, please.”

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The delicate filigree of her wedding band. The deeper shadow of navy underlying the sapphire of her eyes. The crookedness of her right pinky finger. The catch in her voice when she tries not to laugh. He remembered everything about her.

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She looked at the spilled beverage spreading across the floor and tears sprang to her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” he pondered. “No need to cry over spilled milk,” he laughed, as he bent to sop it up with a towel.

“It’s just- one god damned thing after another. I can’t take it!” She threw her hands in the air dramatically.

He quickly forgot the milk and walked to her, silently embracing her and letting out a sigh. “It’ll be okay.”

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Hazel sipped the cool beverage, waiting for her boyfriend Mich. He was a baker, you see, and since his father was so sick, he now had to run the entire business. Hazel helped out when she could, but she was… honestly garbage at helping. She always spilled things everywhere and only got in Michele’s way instead of helping. She tried her very best, but she had learned by now that her best bet was to stay out of his way.

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The light glows like a lava lamp, if that lava lamp was knocked over, to the side and glimmering faintly, for the light is hopeful yet is null and void; important, but too distant to hold any real meaning. But if that light truly is a person; then what make of it then? We do not know.

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She is loud . Loud as a lion . lions are loud . Quite isnt loud loud isnt quite

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she was a resident . Residents are curious . curious are residents . Residents are like presidents but not the same so residents are plain , plain as day !!

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Moths are scary bugs that fly around lights. I hate moths with a pasion . They also leave chalcky stuff on your hands cause they are nasty. That is what i think about moths .

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It makes me think of the little boy in the incredible’s or a line on a paper. Something fast. Something to cross out a mistake. A dash or to dash. Sometime’s I think I am not quick enough or my words aren’t correct so I must “dash” them out or cross them out.

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I forgot to pay the lease this month and the landlord was now knocking non-stop on my door. I hid behind the wall, out of sight from the door windows. I could practically feel his eyes burning into the plaster that was my protection. I prayed and prayed.

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The man’s eyes loomed in the night, glowing yellow in the wavering beam of my flashlight. I can’t do this. My flashlight clatters to the ground and I turn to flee. The man’s breath tickles the back of my neck, hot and sticky, and I will my feet to move faster.

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Salmon is a raw fish and it is gross and it tast wird and I do not like it .

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Oh gosh I’m gonna be late for the train no no no no nooooOOOOO

Then the doors close. A small child wearing a dumb red hat mocks you from the train window.

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yasmin stared up into the man’s bright blue eyes, her fingers sticky from the lollipop wedged between her teeth. red stains coated the edges of her lips that were formed into a big smile that stretched from one side of her face to the other.

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It was amazing really, how evocative the words on a page could be. She could smell the pine clearly, the pine that daring Riley Parkins had traipsed through on an adventure. Then a bit of snow landed on her arm. It was mid-july.

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The snow was thick and soft, the trees gently brushing against her. She inhaled. Pine and snow, a scent that was at the same time so familiar and so foreign. She heard a noise behind her; not the quick snap of a twig but the cracking of a larger branch.

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covered in glitter.

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The pressure society puts on you to cover up all your features. DEEP

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