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The waitress bit her tonge so not to say something to the customer that dumped coffee on her because he did not like her service.

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the women was dominant in her mind but fell to the voice and commands of anyone that talked to her. it was almost as if she had a spell on her that made her do everything she was against. She would never be dominant, and overcome the wicked life she lived.

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I really love thread particularly if it is in bright colors. Thread can be light such as sewing machine threader or it can be heavy such as yarn. It can even be made into fabric. A thread can also be a strand of thought through a conversation or piece of writing. I enjoy following a thread in a piece of literature.

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really really bright lights that usually light up classrooms. Yellowy. Bright colors. Shining. Buzzing, and energy saving. I don’t prefer this type of lighting, but it’s practical.

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He looked at the crossroads. I was a simple one. Just two intersecting roads, one going one way, the other going somewhere completely different. He had no idea where to go. “Go forward,” whispered the wind.

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Jared was puzzled. Just what was the little scar in front of Nick’s ear from anyways? Maybe he was a cyborg. He planned to ask Monica later.

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alone pitiful without character bereft lonely sensitive

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My life seems to be locked most of the time from true reality. Lock all your problems away somewhere where not even you can remember the combination. Lock the love you have for the ones who are closest to you. Lock memories of things that are hurtful to you in your life away in your subconscious. Take a lock and put it on your heart if you want to lose the warmth and compassion of others in life. Lock love away and noone will be able to get to you and your true feelings. I love the fact that I don’t have a lock on my emotions and am able to keep them pretty much out in the open. Take notes on what you lock away because no matter how hard you try you won’t be able to suppress it forever! I know this for sure and am privvy to some of the information under lock and key in my brain.

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If I had a Fendi bag, I’d really be in style. But high school English teachers live on beer budgets and need to use sows ears to make silk purses, so I will need to content myself with an occasional stroll through the Fendi store, my favorite bag slung over my shoulder, as I gaze at onlookers cruising the Ceaser’s Palace shops. My husband will await my return to reality from his post just outside the store’s entrance. He, after all, refuses to cross the imaginary line into the shopping abyss.

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it is beautiful and red with swirls. it is blowing in the wind and flapping on her shoulders. she is cold and waiting at the harbor for her husband to return.

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something off a cartoon like that bird that’s always running being chased by the cayote in the dessert.

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something off a cartoon

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glenda gibbs

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I wrap it around the vegetable vines. I like to roll it on the ground so my cat can play with it.

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you have to keep aliove no matter whats going on you have to do everything that you posibly can to keep your life. life evebn if you are in danger you just have to try your best if your drowning sdont ppanick just keep moving legs arms and anything else you can posibly move. if your burning.

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