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They were huddled in the earth. The shelling ceased for the moment. Steven trembled choking back sobs. Scared of the the obvious impending death shuddering all around them.

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Hundred blushing lads crying out for what. Hundred complaints. A hundred doves free yet refusing to take flight. A hundred reasons.

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She peeled back the edges of the napkin to reveal the seeds. Black kernels stood out in sharp contrast to the red napkin. She chuckled. “I mean I never come to these sort of parties. How the fuck do you look elegant spitting out watermelon seeds”

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the framework, the architect the structure the paper the lines the idea the plan breathe. the shape and contour, the negative space and well the positive pause. the ideas rejected and not on the page and therefore outside the lines.

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Cap it off. The whiskey poured into the glass. It shimmered as it drifted across the ice. Its consistency showing lines like fat or glycerin. Her mouth watered. It needed the burn. The raw feeling in the throat followed by the enveloping warmness as the liquor took effect.

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The cursor blinked on the screen she stared at the blank space on the monitor. Wracking her brain for the words to tell her that she was making a mistake that this was not what it seemed but nothing would come out. No words could soften the harsh truth she knew she had to share.

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He shouted ‘quest’ Her face screwed up with utter miscomprehension. ” what quest” He shouted across the stage again “crest” and she finally understood. She felt stupid and hated him for this latest attention drawing blunder.

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It did not sweep or set upon me. It was the absence of action it was the perfect calm and I knew this is what I meant to do and I will do. Hubris she would later say. But it was not folly I was called.

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