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the airodrome nip tucked in low over the dirt path between the banyans. he leapt screaming into the bamboo thicket beside the path, his camera swinging wildly against his chest. the bullets came ricocheting in close and hot, their singing loud in his ears, their breath hot against his cheek . . .

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the inside of her skull thrummed with electric light. the structure of neurons and dendrites firing lit up the interior like some great city in the twilight of it’s existence. she moaned and turned over in her sleep. the pillows under her head like clouds beneath the pavement of her urban fugue.

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if only the time were right to make the choice she could take that leap but all the signs, ever portent available to her, all her intuition, senses and knowledge tangled itself into a hairball no kitten could help but cough up onto the linoleum floor of her life.

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the changes lurking beneath the chord structure both shocked and intrigued him. he tried to play through the progression again, but it refused to remain in one place, shifting in a serpentine blur of intervals and sequentially shifting recursive time changes. he took a deep breath and hit the key to delete and that’s when the light shattered the room in a thousand crystal shards.

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