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I learned on a manual, nothing quite like the click, click, sound of the return carriage, paper in and out. Smell of ribbon and paper. White out for mistakes… miss those days

» Posted By Gary On 07.12.2018 @ 9:51 pm

Iremember typing class in High School. My mom told me that everybody needed to learn typing. It would come in handy in college. I got a C in the class, just barely.

» Posted By gary On 07.12.2018 @ 8:24 am


Helped me the other day. I felt like a somebody myself. Amazing what happens when somebody cares.

» Posted By Gary On 06.30.2018 @ 6:58 pm


Toting the brown bag to grade school. Getting a lunch box! What a status symbol. Equivalent to a car today. zbologna. Chips. Baggies,came before zip lock bags. Wax paper before the both of them.

» Posted By Gary On 05.07.2018 @ 5:19 am


The wheels of thought in my brain come roaring in the early morning hours of July the 6th. Not sure why I tossed and turned so much last night; likely the heat (72+ I have trouble sleeping). I sit at my laptop; paying bills, browsing cars and hoping for the opportunity for a new home next year. The wheels of time slow for no one. We pretend to struggle through our lives; seeking out pleasures, laughs and getaways from reality. The eventual wheel of truth brings with it, those we desire with a side of pain and loss.

» Posted By Gary On 07.06.2017 @ 5:42 am


a spiral shape I move around and around getting closer to the center , I swirls down the drain into the sewer. I am sucked up by the tornado and carried off. Wjhat will become of me?

» Posted By gary On 06.22.2017 @ 1:38 pm


Bottles are for babies. It keeps them quiet. When adults drink from bottles, they get louder. If I did not pay attenction to spelling abd punctuation, I could put more of my thoughts down here.

» Posted By gary On 08.25.2016 @ 10:23 am


What’s linking us with one world and the next? The back channel from life to after death. It is such a worry isn’t it. Yet such freedom, in itself. We do not need to think.

» Posted By Gary On 12.07.2015 @ 5:49 am



» Posted By Gary On 10.02.2015 @ 10:08 pm


I had to be the very best, like no one ever was.
The line from an old game that I used to play back when I was small struck me, the memory of pretending to be a pokemon trainer whilst hanging on to a gameboy.
However was oak said, GARY this is not the time nor place for that

» Posted By Gary On 01.09.2015 @ 6:51 am


It is when things don’t go the same way as you plan. It is n event or situation that you don’t know how to handle or process. It wasn’t planed it is a interruption. It seem to be unfixible. Not much hope. Shocked.

» Posted By Gary On 01.04.2015 @ 4:26 am


Cloudless days are full of blue. They can be hot. I like the fluffy clouds to break up the vast blue ceiling. How about you? Which do you prefer

» Posted By gary On 06.15.2014 @ 6:14 pm


Selective hearing is what my wife used to accuse me of. I am selective in my choice of clothes and food. I do not consider myself an expert of either, but am comfortably casual.

» Posted By gary On 03.24.2014 @ 9:16 am


Progressive has a bad rap lately. It refers to the liberal left and their efforsts to push socialism on the country. I

» Posted By gary On 02.02.2014 @ 1:45 pm


Laid back Sunday, no plans. All the time in the world. A cup of coffee on the table, steam rising and swirling away toward the ceiling fan. The smell of bacon, the pop and crackle as it cooks. An autumn breeze through the window.

» Posted By Gary On 10.10.2013 @ 2:32 pm


He shouldn’t have accepted the offered spoon. One snort and his head felt lighter. A few seconds later everything got blurry. “Look at him,” someone screamed. “His head! It’s huge!”

» Posted By Gary On 06.28.2013 @ 10:43 pm


It wasn’t enough just to simplify. I found there were many more things involved.

» Posted By gary On 05.09.2013 @ 6:39 am


How am I supposed to write about a cave?
I’ve never lived in one?
The last caves I was in were in Tortola. Love them. Loved the beach afterward better.

» Posted By Gary On 02.23.2013 @ 8:37 pm


beth is a scatter brain. She has so many things (items) and things going on she doesnt know what to do with herself. She has so many things that she has to scatter them about so it doesnt look like she has brought much! She scatters brought clothes and hides them behind doors so her boyfriend cant find them!

» Posted By gary On 12.22.2012 @ 5:23 am


somethings are complicated while others are simple. I prefer simplicity because it is just easier to remember. Some things are okay when complicated, but if someone is ever confused it pays to be simple! When you are explaining something to someone, it is easier to understand when it is simple.

» Posted By Gary On 12.06.2012 @ 10:25 am


it was a cold night when they arrived. they started outside the front of the building, unsure of what they were about to do. “are you sure we should be doing this? can’t we find the money another way?”

“no, we can’t. its either this, or she dies”.


they grabbed their masks, and their bats. they came around to the front of the bank, and smashed the windows in. that’s when the alarm went off, and their hearts jumped out of their throats.

“no. NO! i thought you said this bank was old, that there WERE no alarms set in place yet! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!”

» Posted By Gary On 08.14.2012 @ 2:34 am

There are several of them, and each perpetuates itself and the others. An organism devoted solely to growth is not viable in the absence of infinite food; you and I are the krill that feeds these whales.

» Posted By gary On 08.13.2012 @ 7:29 pm


In a blaze of glory the blaze orange clad hunters gunned down the vicious deer. It was a close call, but the sportsmen, carrying submachine guns, were victorious.

» Posted By Gary On 04.01.2012 @ 11:30 pm


the platinum diamond shone across the room, it’s light blocking the view of the exiaminer. it’s bueaty unmatched by any others. it’s history unfold as the diamond was touched, it’s riches told to the nearest man as it’s deadly wisper and it’s broken promises reached into the ear canal of the

» Posted By Gary On 12.07.2011 @ 2:49 pm


Just the thought of returning to my grandparents old home place brought back such good memories and anticipation of certain good smells. I could remember smelling cedar on my grandfather as he would come from his workshop, or the smell of a freshly baked pound cake from the kitchen where my grandmother was.

» Posted By Gary On 12.06.2011 @ 3:06 pm


My word is still “Still.” I guess this thing doesn’t let up unless you finish the word it gave you. Right? Right. So “Still” can mean a lot of different things, but I guess it all relates back to staying in one place. I think.

» Posted By Gary On 10.27.2011 @ 2:07 pm


I remember them telling me ‘to relate’. I remember wanting to learn just what it meant, in that this vicarious notion seemed to keep others going, seemed to fuel them into suspicious energies that were far unknown to me in my sociopathic times.

» Posted By Gary On 10.20.2011 @ 12:06 pm


The moon was half full tonight. Lonliness crept into the young boy’s heart. The party was happening. The girls were talking to the boys in the half-moon light at Nick’s house. Where he wasn’t. He was home. Fully home. Half of him wanted to go. Half of him wanted to stay.

» Posted By Gary On 09.29.2011 @ 7:37 pm

The half-and-half was bland today. More so than any other week before. Ingrid knew in this moment that she had to change her major. She had to give up writing. She was going to pursue chemistry after all. Screw the money her dad was offering her. Screw it all..

» Posted By Gary On 09.29.2011 @ 7:33 pm


The blood ran down the wooden panels of the merry-go round and was quickly absorbed by the dry sand below. Grant West was not my favorite person in the world. He teased me and got me in trouble once. But he was dead now and there was a sick feeling growing in my stomach. I hadn’t meant to push him so hard. Why was this happening, I wondered.

Why couldn’t the kid just stand up and apologize?

» Posted By Gary On 09.27.2011 @ 10:07 pm

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