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That must have been the stupidest thing you’ve ever done. How dare you? Honestly – I have stopped wondering what the hell is wrong with you a long time ago. But how could you?
It hurts, you know. You hurt me. Happy now? Are you proud of what you accomplished?

» Posted By gadifere On 05.27.2012 @ 1:54 am


Big blocks, bricks. Brick blocks on and on. Slowly fading into the hazy horizon. There is no ending to it, Not sure if I’m going to like the big city.

» Posted By gadifere On 10.05.2010 @ 8:53 am


Jazzy tunes whisper me home. Come home, Go home. The sweet melody of a small apartment and a big family.

» Posted By gadifere On 09.27.2010 @ 11:26 am


velvet dreams spread around me like a an endless sea. The embrace of warm blankets, a dark silence around me. In slow-motion I bend over and dive in.

» Posted By gadifere On 06.27.2010 @ 4:11 am


Time’s running out for them. They don’t know, sitting in their comfortable homes, soft cushions under their behinds, delicious food on the table. They don’t know. But it’s coming. WE are coming.

» Posted By gadifere On 06.19.2010 @ 1:56 pm


without you. it’s good. all alone, roaming the sea. I cannot imagine the ship crowded with you, your presence in every corner, every knot in the wood, every seem of the fabric.

» Posted By Gadifere On 06.19.2010 @ 2:35 am

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