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She tackled him, all of a sudden, her knees hitting something in his windpipe that stung something fierce. Then she was on top, smirking victoriously, and despite the rug burns on his arms, he was just happy that she was here, with him, instead of out there and fighting something the both of them were too small for.

“Missed me much?” he deadpans.

Eliza rolls her eyes. “Oh, you wish.”

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She ran into the field, ignoring the way her boots sunk into the muddy ground.

She could hear the killer lumbering behind her, his heavy breathing a ever constant reminder to his presence. But for fuck’s sake, she was a track star. It’d be almost embarrassing if he caught her and turned her into minced meat.

No. Running was her territory. And if that meant running bloody circles around him the entire night, then so be it.

She was definitely not going down alone.

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“Open it.”

He nudged the box gently with his foot, giving her another of those crooked grins. She eyed him warily. Knowing Aidan, it would probably contain a rattlesnake or one of those ugly monster masks he’d loved scaring her with so much. And yet – it had been five years since that had last happened. Maybe he’d matured since then?

Taking a deep breath, she undid the flaps and felt her breath catch as she laid eyes on the two puppies nestled at the bottom of the box, wrapped in a checkered flannel shirt she recognized as one of Aidan’s.


“Oh?” Aidan teased cheekily. “Is that a good sign, or should I just -”

“No, no, Aidan, they’re … perfect.” She lifted one puppy out of the box, heart practically melting as it nuzzled deeper into her arms. “He’s perfect.”

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“C’mon.” He held out his hand. “Let’s get out of here.”

She looked up at him, nose still runny with snot. “Can’t. Other people will see.”

“So? Who cares about other people? Screw them. Screw everyone.”

Without another word, he grabbed her hand with his and began to run. Their footsteps echoed in the quiet hallway, bouncing off the cheap wallpaper and the dingy light fixtures.

The boy whooped loudly, pumping his free fist into the air. “See? We’re rebels, you and me.”

For the first time in a few days, a smile spread across her face.

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“Do you trust me?”

“Are we related?”

The dark-haired boy gives her a quizzical look. “… No?”

“Ah, then you know the answer to your question.”

The blonde reclines on the couch, a smirk on her pretty face. She never was going to make this easy for him, was she?

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The blond boy slaps a hand against the glass, palm stinging as it collides with the barrier. But he doesn’t care. All he cares about is the girl sitting behind the glass, handcuffed and blindfolded, yelling his name and not even knowing that he is literally inches away from her. He watches again as the bastards douse her in icy water, drenching her even more, and press the electric jacks to her skin. He wants nothing more than to break free, to punch every man in the room and carry her far, far away from this hellhole, but she’d gotten too cocky. Had gotten caught when she’d lifted from the Grand Thief’s purse. And, like an idiot, he’d tried to stand up for her. So here they were – both being tortured in their own way.

After fifteen more minutes, they let her go and she slumps, practically boneless, to the floor.

The boy slides down the glass, the skin of his palms broken and bleeding.

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He looks back, and she’s still all wired-up, shivering despite the blankets he’d heaped on her earlier. A moment passes. Her entire frame shudders, as if the chilliest wind in the Arctic had just flitted through her room, and if he weren’t listening so hard, he probably wouldn’t have heard the small sob she’s just choked back now.

He wonders why she does it. Why she always has to be the strongest person in the room. But then again, some questions were better left unanswered.

“I’ll be outside,” he whispers.

She doesn’t reply, and he respects her too much to press further.

Still – he leaves the door half-open the entire night.

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