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Marco, I shouted. Polo, my dreams replied. All I needed was to follow that sound, that slow steady beat of my heart, but fear of disappointment and failure haunted me every single day (not to mention the inevitable debt I would fall into). Vet school was my dream. Saving lives and valuing lives of helpless animals. My fear was strong, but my determination is much stronger.

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I never though life would be like this. I had idolized the future, but every day that I go, I realize that it’s going to be a long and tedious task to follow my dreams. Years of struggling will hopefully lead to years of success. But what do we measure success as? Money? Love? Family? Happiness? Our society’s definition doesn’t make sense to me. Do I go against the flow of drones or turn around and fight the current?

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A gust of wind made the wisps of her hair go in her eyes. He smiled and gently wiped them away. Slowly, he lowered his head and kissed her. She had been waiting for this moment since the first time they saw each other. Waiting was probably one of the best decisions of her life.

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I stared at the mountainous landscape, just taking in the vastness and surreality of everything around me. It was so beautiful it took my breath away and even distracted me long enough to truly relax and not think about my life. I was so sick of the what ifs, the future, and the past. I knew it was time to live in the present and take every day as its own… it’s just so hard with so much expectation placed on your shoulders. I was sure that soon enough my knees were going to buckle just as the earth will after years of pressure and destruction. It may be slow and arduous process, but eventually it will no longer be able to stand.

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I fought for what we had, but him, he seemed to care less, always too busy with his friends and or just completely stolid towards me. He was never able to fully let go of himself and completely fall for me. There were constant walls with him. All I needed to see was that he was willing to rely, lean on, and need me in his life, yet I felt that that would never happen. I’ve tried so many times to get him to let me in. It’s just to the point that being stuck on the outside is cruel punishment, slowly and torturously breaking my heart.

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I used to think that our love was miraculous, a love chosen by the gods. Yet, the longer we stayed together the quicker that amazing feeling dissipated. It was to the point where everything was fake and forced. I no longer knew what was real and what was fake. I hid my true feelings, thinking that a some point the right time will come to talk about it. Yet, the right time never came. It was as if I was trapped in this jail we call love and there was no way to escape.

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I can no longer withhold from grabbing him and screaming, “I need more, I need to feel wanted and needed.” It has almost become impossible, as our communication degrades our relationship has become a sunken pit of fake emotions. Yet, I can’t let go, knowing how it used to be and craving that same feeling again. How do I know what to do? I know I deserve better, but I don’t have the strength to leave, the strength to make a change.

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“Happy Belated Birthday!”everyone shouted. I just stood there and blushed. Attention is not something I want much of, I’d rather spend a quiet day relaxing alone. But, since everyone thinks birthdays are such a big deal, I need to put on the fake smile and pretend I’m not missing him today. Nighttime will be the time I can mourn and feel the loss of him yet again. It never seems to get any easier…

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I wondered if the success would compensate the years I worked and sacrificed. It’s so easy to lose sight in what matters… But I guess that’s what happens when you want to change the world and leave an impact on those that follow you. With a world full of so many shadow people, we need some to step out in the light to lead the way.

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The starlit path was all I could see, everything else was surrounded by darkness. As I walked, I knew it was taking all the faith in me not to turn back to what I knew. This path was the only way to finally escape the clutches of the known and find a way into the unfamiliar. The unfamiliar to many is terrifying, but to me it’s a world of endless possibilities.

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I heard “Cinema” come on the radio and was instantly drawn back to that day. The day of pure happiness and love. The day where for once in my life I felt good enough, I felt loved, and I felt accepted. That day haunts me, knowing what could be, but knowing that feeling will never again come back…

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She’s walked in the room hair flying and seemingly unkempt. Her face was the definition of chaos, her mouth set in a line of determination, her body tense and ready to go. Times like these, the most hectic, the most stressful are the times that her true ability and confidence comes out. It’s not all about appearance; it’s about the inner strength and power.

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I strive to become something more, something great, someone who impacts this dark world and adds some light. But with that comes expectation, which as Shakespeare supposedly said, “Is the root of all heartache.” It seems that it becomes an unbearable pressure; one that causes my knees to buckle, stomach to knot up, and heart to race. Failure is unacceptable and that’s what holds me back and makes me weak. We must fail many times before finding success, right? I must accept that concept in order to move forward.

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As I sat pondering, I remembered the firearm hidden in my bottom drawer. It scared me to have one so near, such a deadly object. Our world is so full of destruction, hate, and death. Any other time I would say, oh yes, this is a helpful tool for our survival… but anymore it just reminds me of the world and what it’s becoming. Why is it in such a beautiful world is there so much violence?

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The Christmas music blared with trumpets in the background. As I sat alone in my new apartment I wondered, is this really all life has to give me? Am I really going to sacrifice my happiness to work towards my lifelong dream and goal? Sometimes, without the answers it is hard to carry on. Someday, maybe once I reach this dream, misery won’t be my only companion.

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Sounds of the piano floated up from below. My father called it “saloon music.” I called it beautiful. Piano sounds have a way of calming me. As the notes sift through my ears, I can feel my mind resting and my muscles melting. Maybe this is the only escape I’ll ever need…

» Posted By foost On 09.23.2013 @ 6:11 pm


In a world full of so much beauty it’s nearly impossible to be efficient. Distractions of nature, of life, and humanity. I always wonder what the world would be like without so much work and more enjoyment.

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I don’t know how they measure what makes a good person. Is it the good deeds? The success? The smartness? The kindness? Anymore, a good person is considered someone that just hides all their skeletons in the closet. But, doesn’t everyone have skeletons? Maybe we are thinking of a “too perfect” image…maybe what makes a good person is simply whether their heart is in the right place.

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I’ve always wanted to go scuba diving. Getting to see those beautiful fish, coral, sharks, and the mysteries of the sea is something I would love to experience. So much of this world isn’t seen, so anytime a new opportunity pops up, get your ass up and go for it.

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The night came quickly… after such a long stressful day the stars were beckoning me to come and join them. Flicker flicker flicker, I was lost, finally escaped from this world and not turning back. Good bye past, hello new beginning.

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they party. they drink. they smoke. they waste their life away. not making a difference, not even trying to. what justification do they have? none. i’ve been through multiple hardship, surgeries, and failure but i haven’t given up. im going to make a difference in this world. what’s their excuse?

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Somebody once told me to only kill with kindness. But the older I get, the more i realize how helpless that makes you. When people do you wrong all you do is sit back and smile. Yet, in my head I’m praying that karma comes back and bites her in the ass. Sometimes I wish I could help it come a little quicker. Because the wrong she does, is unhealthy and abnormal. Treat humanity with respect for you are part of it.

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The steps that I have taken in order to become the person I am have not come easily. Sometimes I stumbled, sometimes I fell. Yet, when I look at all of the suffering that had been endured, I find that without that I would not be the amazingly altruistic person that I am today. I have found my way through the jaggers and although sometimes I get pricked from the leftovers, I just put on a band-aid and carry on.

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Since he left and I left, I had a feeling that this relationship wasn’t going to work. He didn’t want to try. And me, well, I was just curious. I wanted to know what I had missed out on. I had never been free, always taken. But the hard part was that I was so in love with him, and that I knew we had a future together. I just wanted to experience life before settling down. But if I did just that I’d probably end up losing him in then process.

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I wish I could just combine my work ethic with my “friend-making skills” and then maybe I’d have a lot of friends. I just find it pointless to put the effort in, friendship should be effortless. Yet, I find myself being the loner in her dorm room doing homework all the time. I just need to reach out of my comfort zone and be confident and outgoing. Being the small town shy girl is getting me absolutely nowhere at this point in my life.

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I said, “Sir, my vote is yours.” Why though? Well, because he’s the first honest politic I’ve met. He offers, promises, and gives; so far, keeping his word. That’s all I ask for as a president. Honesty and generosity. Us, middle class, need as much help as we can get.

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Help. Pshh, who needs that. I’m good, I’m strong, I don’t need nobody. Or do I? Am I strong enough to handle pain, emotional and physical? Well, as time goes by I am realizing that sometimes having a shoulder or even an ear is enough to let me get through the day….but is that always going to be enough?

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Before he came, my life was empty. The smiles, the laughter, the happiness wasn’t there. But, the day he fell in love with me and I fell in love with him, everything had changed from that destructive relationship I was trapped in before. Now, if anything, I was free. I was a sparrow flying, <3 Siempre Contigo <3

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Dysfunctional family is the first thing that pops into my head. Who in this world has a perfect family? No body. Every family is broken, without a doubt, but you know what…through all the cracks there’s still substance left. That substance is what we call love. This love, through all the breakage, will always be unconditional. So, who’s to say dysfunctional is so bad? It gives character.

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The fire blazed through the night…all around us was complete darkness though. Darkness that was filled with the unknown, whether is be kind or deadly. Yet, I wasn’t focused on that, I was caught by the strength in his hands, his gaze, and the beautiful body that seemed to gleam in the firelight. Tonight was the first night we’ve ever completely been alone and I wasn’t sure whether to be excited or completely terrified. Slowly herself closer to me, as if he was a lion stalking his prey. A feeling of fear spread through me, was I sure that this is what I wanted to become? Or would I rather wait?

» Posted By foost On 04.01.2012 @ 7:52 pm

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