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She looked into his eyes, searching in the blue, striving to feel the truth. What used to wade at the water’s surface was now buried deep into the blue. “what is the truth?” she thought to herself as she tried to read the boy’s eyes

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The two roads spread out in front of her. So many possibilities for each, she thought. What should she choose? It seemed impossible to decide which way to go, so the girl closed her eyes and spun in place. Feeling disoriented and blind, the girl unseeingly placed a foot in one direction and walked on, having made her choice.

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She forced her eyes into his and opened her mouth. The days of silence were done. She had to speak to him. He looked at her questionably, curiosity aligning his face as she spoke her first word. It was quick and unsure, but she spoke her second with more confidence. She told him what she had to say, each tumbling word gaining more purpose and flight. He listened as she spoke her thoughts, and he was thankful.

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It swiveled and spun, shaking his hand. It suddenly stopped and the boy looked in the direction of the pointing red arrow. It was time to take the first step in the new direction.

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A burst of emotional energy, so strong and unexpected. It spreads through her sea blue eyes and down her face, ruining her cheeks and crinkling her eyes.

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He looked into her eyes, filling her heart with a sea of emotion. “Promise?” The words traveled softly and sweetly. The girl cracked a wide, earthly grin. “promise.”

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It was needed. They had to do it. Everyone was expecting it. The boy and girl stared into each others’ eyes, looking for emotion. The audience watched as the two embraced, arms and lips on top of one another.

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Every sound, sight, and feeling all contributed to the experience, the select time that would be remembered.

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He gives us a place in our lives, a way to live and a figure to look up to. He is inspiration, He is the guide, He is the light. He lives above us all, watching and loving.

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She held the tea cup firmly in between her index finger and thumb. To keep her hand from skating, she tensed her hand. She had to look calm. She had to look controlled. The girl placed the tea cup gently on the table.

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Sometimes there is never enough. Sometimes you can never get enough. When the amount needed is infinite, where you always need more. That is when times are tough. It could be love, wealth, time. We all need more. We must get over it.

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She looked so sure, saying it was fine and continuing on. But she wasn’t. She was scared. What if things went wrong? But she had to look sure, to make the people around her feel safe.

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It is in the moment. The precise time. It moves like water, drifting and floating you farther away. It brings you to new places, times later on.

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now i am sitting in the toner’s household. oh what a place this is! i am eating ice cream and it tastes like dreams come true a tardeis is sitting next to me oh goodness i am running out of time i can feel it nooooo what would you say to a challenge like this is this fast now im typing everythung i say and am spelling terribly

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They flaunce through the snow, cheeks blushed and fingers intertwined. They swing in their season, the snowy season of so said cheer and grace. They look back on this a year afterwards, seasons gone by. And they realize seasons could be just about anything.

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There was a stir in the air. The hound pointed his muzzle upwards, reaching for the bent change. What was it? What could it be?

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Her eyes narrowed as she approached the starting line. Everything around her vanished as she scraped the mudded ground with her fingers, getting into her starting position. Her whole body tensed, every muscle aching to compete. She was ready.

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She walks through the crowd and people see her anew. Somehow, there is a new glaze to her skin, a new twinkle to her eyes, and a new flowing to her hair. She walks differently, perhaps because of the new attention. They think that because her relationship has just ended, she is open to all. Available. Available. A new person to flirt with and love and break. She’s totally ready for new emotions. It’s not like she has any left over from her past relationship. No. She’s instantly available, the boys think. A new girl to play with.

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I am wishing to go back the days when the sun stained the earth, the days where there was warmth and laziness and an abundance of time. I could sit in the glistening grass with unguarded toes, the tips of the blades tickling my skin. I could daydream in a hammock, only wearing shorts and a tank, thinking of things beyond summer days. I could paint, I could dance and I could write. I could create. With no drama or work or stress, I would have time for these things. Just if.

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The girl placed the wood above her head. It was to keep her sheltered, to save her from the rain and sleet from outside. She felt safer with this roof on her head but she also more trapped than before. Because of this protection, the girl was unable to experience the good things from above, the sun and wind and sky. The girl stayed trapped under the safety of the roof, until she had the courage to feel both the good and bad again.

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You tilt your head up. You are higher, thinking higher and seeing things from a higher point of view. You are above many of the people who try to bring you down. You must look over them then; tilt your head upwards and walk on.

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We are treated like objects and shoved aside as if we are of no thought. We are thought of having no emotions and are treated as such.

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That’s all he ever thinks about. Himself. Himself. Himself. Altering his world so it is all about him. He says things, thinks things, does things. But they’re all for him. And the day will come when others will realize the uselessness of being with him…..for all he cares about is his stupid self.

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The sun kissed figure rises, living off of her happiness and success. She looks towards the sun above instead of the fire below. What is beneath her, that confusing, chaotic thing, is now forgotten. She will rise and think solely of the present and future. And the sun embraces her so, lifting her gently into the forever blue sky.

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Your feet graze the surface, and the water underneath you fluctuates. Everything is underneath you, the memories and thoughts and days gone by. They are still there, sure, but your head is above them. For if you stay under for too long, thinking of the times before, you will drown.

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The anticipation is frightening. The ground shakes and your eyes flit back and forth. Soon, soon, the world whispers. How soon? How much longer do you have to wait until you can experience what is coming and get on with your life? How long will you have to live in this world of pause….the word soon echoing through your head?

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The mold that everyone is forced to shape to. We are all pushed into the limited space, society’s uniform persona.

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She looked at the message. Just a glance. And it was gone. Done with. The text, that long angry thing, ending with just a few words. And those few words, they were the ones that made her alone. They forced the tears out of her eyes and they forced her lips shut when he walked by. They forced the relationship to a close, those single things that were sent and received over a machine.

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The feeling pushes up through your chest and out your throat, sending your energy elsewhere to be caught by others. It warms you up, spreads from your fingertips to the ground underneath your feet. It’s overwhelming energy, fully replenishing itself over and over. Always keeping you happy. You’re satisfied. Until something goes wrong. Then suddenly the perfectness is gone, and all you can concentrate on is the one flaw. The one thing that sets your life out of orbit. So you work, work ever so hard, for the sense of satisfaction, that cozy feeling, to fill you again.

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Traveling and forever moving. Sometimes in your grasp, sometimes not. It flows and dances. It joins others to create ideas and dreams. And those ideas and dreams join to form actions.

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