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The creeping growth, the swollen air, the tilt of the light away, the sullen dampness and the dark: there’s a reason in each season to dwell in tedium. But then, too, the awakening and the rambling and the crispness and the silence: she could find more reasons for movement, if she tried hard enough.

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“All right, here’s the gameplan…” I wanted her to feel ensconced in my scheme, was though I could fold the two of us into a furtive, feminine intimacy. Mostly, I just wanted her to like me.

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I slept under the crook of his arm. There’s something about the way men hold you: it can be firm without being tight.

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Right there, she said.
No, just a bit higher.

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I can never tell whether you’re an incentive or a treat. You make be better, and then you make me worse.

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I’m beginning to suspect you slipped a magnet into my bag when I went away. No matter how far afield I stray, I feel hints of you: subtle intimations through luminiferous ether.

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I never opened the letter he sent me. It had nothing to do with my fondness for him, which was limitless; it was more about an unwillingness to revert to the self I had been when he knew me. When we reconnected, I never told him, either; I didn’t want to disappoint him.

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The lack of criticism – and, moreover, the lack of willingness to invest in me by criticizing – left me feeling frustrated, insufficient when measured against an unknown gauge, curled in my own lacunas.

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Something about them worked in concert: the clickly-clack back-and-forth with an occasional soaring overture, always followed by gasping, delighted laughter at their own performance. Even the inharmonious minor splits were interesting, additive.

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It’s been a strange few weeks, she thought, with lips crooked at the sand. Grapefruit & soda made her head settle. Though they didn’t actually get any of the things done.

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