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the blade gleamed silver in the moonlight. the edge was sharp, so sharp. the lightest touch drew blood on his finger and ignited the bloodlust within. this would do. this would do just fine. he could slip in and out, slip the blade in and out, countless times before it lost its appeal.

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she held the child carefully. fragile, she was. the daughter, yes, and the mother. she was careful, so careful, not to let any harm come to her baby. she cherished the little one, like any mother should. she didn’t even realize the girl in her arms was of porcelain.

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the mountain towered over everything in sight. capped with white, clouds obscuring the summit as it soared into the sky. never had she seen such a sight. it stole her breath, made her feel weak and more insignificant than ever.

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she looked well enough. not particularly beautiful, not particulaly ugly. she was pretty enough, dressed well enough, face made up enough. enough for her, at least. to the world, she was something else. something ethereal, celestial, a miracle of nature.

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she was screaming, her voice reaching new heights with every shriek, yet no one heard her. she screamed louder and louder, but her voice, so shrill in her own ears, was silent.

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he waltzed into the room like it was the natural thing to do. when everyone stopped, turned to stare, he danced a little jig and shot a winning smile at the crowd. waltz in, waltz out, just to turn heads, just for the attention.

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the figure in the shadows, like a shadow itself. flickering in the lamplight. it seemed to fade in and out of reality like a phantom. perhaps it was a phantom. a ghost. a figment of your imagination. your delusion.

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Echoes in the cave. Resounding, calling out, pleading. Help me, help me, help me. Trapped, trapped, trapped. The voice was haunting, weak and raspy. How much time before the air ran out? How much time before the dust was too heavy to breathe?

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she couldn’t handle it. not the pressure. not the expectations. not the love or the joy or the pure pleasure of experiencing life. who cared what she did? she was content to live in misery. she was content to live with the hatred and the sorrow and the pure pain of experiencing death.

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It was the party of the century. Everyone who was someone was there. No one was left unattended. Not a single guest. Not a single parasitic host. Because they were everywhere, thriving, becoming who they were meant to be.

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He stared silently out the window of the monastery. The night was cold, the moonlight seemed harsh, and the stars distant. What had he done with his life? A sigh escapes, what should have been a prayer. No words, no words.

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dashing through the snow, on skies and under the sky, clear as day or black as night. cold air swirling around him, snowflakes falling, falling with him.

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she was majestic in her own way. her tail gleamed in the sunlight, the most intense shade of emerald green you’ll ever see. she didn’t come to the surface often, but when she did, she seduced and destroyed every man she met.

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they switched places, just for one day. learning. walking down another path. it was how they did it, how they survived. all of them, switching places, just for one day. it showed the light and the darkness, the ultimate understanding of joy and sorrow. life as they knew it was turned upside down.

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he was in the institution, and would be for the rest of his life. his crimes were many, all placed by insanity. life as he knew it was over, a life he never knew he had. his memories were vague, if they were memories at all. maybe he really was a lunatic, and all he had to call his own were his delusions.

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it was just like the old westerns. showdowns, duels, pulling out the guns. although not so much a showdown as it was cold-blooded murder. no one was shooting back.

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restless. how long has it been since she slept? forever awake, or so it seems. forever alone, and maybe that’s why. thoughts spinning, never ending. never ending story. always awake, always wondering. what would have happened? speculate forever. forever alone, forever awake, dreaming of the stories, dreaming of the hope and despair.

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drums, drums, drums in the distance. pounding over and over, rhythmically, so rhythmically they may not be real. perfection in their performance, defining the steady beat of the heart.

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everlasting life, everlasting love. everyone’s dream – or is it? She does not wish to live forever. he does not wish to love forever. the endless torments of day to day life and love – who can say this is such a beautiful thing, to last forever?

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it was all the proof she needed. clothes on the floor and bottles in the fridge. nothing was as it should be, because nothing was all he was.

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the footsteps were light, a barely discernible sound over the pitter-patter of rain falling on the sidewalk. heart pounding, she pulled her jacket tightly around her body, quickening her pace. the footsteps quickened with her.

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from dusk til dawn. but she never waited for dawn. dawn brought the worries of the day in harsh sunlight. no, she preferred the night. when the colours of the sunset were slowly washed away and the darkness would cover her, shining only the light of the stars.

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the waters were quiet. they always were at this time of night. the stars shone high in the sky, the moon hanging low. a pale white light was cast from the heavens, reflecting faintly off the waters as they remained ever so still, ever so quiet. tonight, the world slept in peace.

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she was staring up at the stars. she did this a lot, watching the heavens as if something would happen. the stars burned from lightyears away and she inspected each one in silence, wondering what sort of tales they would tell if they could. what awful and wonderful scenes they’d witnessed.

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she smoothed the front of her skirt, adjusted her top, and squinted at her reflection in the floor-to-ceiling mirror. the clothes. there was so much of them. the skirt was an awkward length and the blouse covered her neck to waistline, full sleeves. she looked respectable, businesslike, and incredibly boring.

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it was a little juvenile, she had to admit that. she prettied herself up like she did when she was five, playing with mommy’s makeup. she painted love on her eyes, a smile on her face. after all, who could resist such plastic beauty?

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they said she could disappear at will. in a haze of purple smoke, she’d suddenly be gone. she faded into the background, became one with the scenery. once the mist cleared, no one paid any mind. she did it at will, yet it was beyond her will. a natural course of action for her nature. when every fiber of her being screamed stop, that is precisely what happened. she disappeared.

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he was third in line. they were getting tested for something, or at least that’s what he thought. he wasn’t sure. they hadn’t told them much, but it seemed logical. about five spaces ago he’d started seeing flashes of a needle. sometimes it held a translucent yellow liquid, sometimes it was red, like blood. the lady at the front looked nice though, so how bad could it be?

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he drank whisky and rye, just like the song. or was that how it went? tonight it was bourbon. on the rocks. glass after glass, because who knows what tomorrow will bring? the bartender always made polite conversation. the place was otherwise empty this time of day, and he sat alone at the bar, empty glasses and spilled liquor along the counter. singing this’ll be the day that i die.

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he was comfortable in the cramped attic, surrounded by worn boxes, old furniture, and bags full of his daughter’s doll clothes, long since outgrown. he was at ease here, in his element. here he could lock the target in his sight and pull the trigger without hesitation. for his daughter.

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