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Sons. He had five of them. Had. Careless to lose a son you would think, so what would you think if I told you he lost three.

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‘Hold his head to the side,’ he boomed, ‘yes, just like that. Now saw in a circular motion.’
She sawed at the puppy’s neck and the audience held in their gasps. It would be bad form for taxidermists to gasp. This wasn’t even the real thing, just a demonstration.

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The air was crisp and sharp, like the lines of a well pressed shirt. ‘Why?’ he breathed slowly, warmth whispering from his mouth. I shrugged and pulled the knife back out from his chest, watched soundlessly as he slumped onto the pavement. ‘Because I could.’

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It was an iron fist in my gut, twisting to and fro. It clenched around my stomach and heaved upwards, taking my legs with it. I looked up from the floor and wondered how all this had happened. I only wanted to say sorry, that’s all.

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Paul looked at it resting silently in his hands. He’d expected it to be far heavier but it felt similar to a can of coke, chunky but light. He rolled it from palm to palm then, in a fit of absurdity, he threw it into the air and caught it again as it fell. He repeated the action. Once. Twice.
‘Paul!’ the sergeant screamed suddenly from the doorway, making he jump to attention.
‘This is not a playground soldier, put the grenade down.’
‘yes sir’ he replied. ‘yes sir.’

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Joe pressed himself up against her for the last time. He could feel her heart beat with his. For a moment he imagined their hearts bursting through the skin, throwing themselves carelessly together in a warm, sloppy embrace. As he pushed the thought away, he also pushed her, and when she was achingly at arms length he spun around and walked out onto the busy street.

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It was hard to understand. 2×2 was alright, easy to handle. But one you got to 8×8, well, I was lost. The teacher made us play games and it hurt my face. Buzz buzzing of nonsense numbers. I hate times tables.

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‘Its a barber shop quartet’
‘In the garden, its a barber shop quartet.’
Arthur released the bloody hammer and stepped over the bodies of his neighbours to peek out into the street.
‘Huh. Decent harmony’
Tommy and Arthur stood for a while longer before getting back to work with a pair of matching hacksaws, humming together tunelessly as they sawed limb by limb.

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Age. Get older but wisers not the right word. Get older, know more and understand less. Is that wisdom? A life peppered with sage.

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A new dawn, just as the rules dictate. The invention of the wheel was a along time ago – too long ago. The boundaries are shifting now, melting into one anther like molten acid. Shift yourself faster or you’ll find yourself sinking alongside them. A warning to re-invent.

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The intricate tangle of the web lured me in and kept me there. Every corner was a dead end, a ball of wool with no beginning. I’d given up ever escaping a long time ago. Then one day the voices began, whispering at me to go in particular directions. Having nothing to lose, or so I thought, I followed their words. An exit arrived and too eagerly I launched myself through it only to find that although the web had kept me trapped, it also kept me safe. Now I was in the battle of the real world, no tangle for a shield.

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I licked at my fingers, sucking off the dark chocolate digit by digit. It tasted so good that I was able to push my fears of getting caught to the back of my mind and I wanted to savour that. The door burst open with a bang.
‘Have you seen my chocolate?’ She demanded suspiciously.
I raised my freshly cleaned hands in a theatric shrug and as she turned to leave I poked my tongue out and ran it round my guilty lips. I’d replace it in the morning.

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‘How are you doing that with your voice?’ She asked.
‘Doing what?’
‘Projecting it!’
‘Oh, yeah its a microphone. Implanted in my back molar.’
He cracked his neck to the left in a sudden jerk.
‘Now its off.’
Then he cracked it in the same way but this time to the right.

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Crispin Coldstream, you are formally charged with obscuring the course of justice for criminal gain. This thoroughly selfish act has resulted in the pain and distress of several families affected by the murders you covered up. Prepare to face your punishment.

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I staggered clumsily and fell to the floor. I tried to heave myself back up but my arms just collapsed uselessly beneath me. My breathing was too quick and it took delight in encouraging my heart to speed up with peer pressure. My entire body was in the process of conducting a revolt. I had lost control.

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Instead of him they sent back a folded flag and when I was alone I tore it into a thousand little pieces. Everybody told me again and again what a hero he had been but I wish he’d been a coward. A coward I could watch smile again as he played with our children. A coward who’s body is not a bloody pulp scattered across the Afghan desert.

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Shepherds herd sheep. Maybe cowards could herd cows. No, that was a stupid idea. I just had to admit and accept what I was. Colin the coward. Cowardy, cowardy custard. Scared of his own silhouette on dark nights, wouldn’t say boo to a ghost. Who in their right mind would say boo to a ghost anyway? Ugh, none of I even mattered – the point was I had failed. I was afraid, so afraid, and I failed him.

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It was a strange frangrance. Sour lilies and mixed berry fruit. Not altogether unpleasant, quite alluring in fact. I tried to pinpoint where exactly it was floating from but my olfactory abilities clearly lacked the required skill.
“What is that smell?” I wondered out loud.
“I don’t smell anything” Lila replied, staring calmly down at her small red shoes.
Thats when I realised the smell was her.

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A cacophony of colours spilled out from the glass bowl atop the table. Green. Red. Purple. White. Cream. Orange. Lilac. But my eyes were drawn to blue. Hello pretty blue, puffy and pale like the sky. I pincered it between my thumb and forefinger, raising it close to my face.
‘I’m going to eat you now blue,’ I explained slowly. ‘Please make my happy’
With that I popped it into my mouth and swallowed dry. A different colour every day until the sadness stopped.

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Pill popping, electro-listening, tea drinking, crumpet munching, lady loving, TV watching, marathon running, rude hating, sky diving, canvas drawing power punk. That was Frank in a nutshell, bit long to fit on a t-shirt though.

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“Pass it here,” she commanded.
“Pass what?” I wondered back patiently.
“The thingy,” she flapped her hands frustratedly at me, “the thingy!”
I looked around the room exasperated. There were many thingy’s which she could be referring to. She clapped her hands with sudden excitment as her eyes lit up with realisation.
“The controller! The remote controller! Thats what I want!”
I smiled and leaned forward to hand it to her. It was always a relief when words returned to her.

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Stop. Don’t. Please. I have a family. I have friends. There’s so many things I still want to do. I’m only 23, I can’t die now. I promise you I’ll try harder if you let me go.

I step away from the cliff edge, convinced. I’ll let myself live another day.

For now.

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I say it slipped. That her hand slipped from mine and that’s why she fell. But I’m lying. It wasn’t an accident, I could have held on longer. But she wrenched her hand from mine and plummeted from the rooftop. She killed herself. That’s what nobody can ever know.

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The sirens screamed through the ship, reverberating off the hull. The entire crew was in freefall. ‘Boost the power!,’ demanded the captain, barely audible over the chaos surrounding him. The engineers threw glowing energy crystals into the engine as quickly as their hands could function. But it wasn’t enough. All the power boosts in the world couldn’t save this ship now.

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Wobble. Everybody knows thats what jelly does. Everybody. So why was this green blob on the plate in front of me so defiantly still? I nudged the plate with the side of my finger, expecting it to flail atop the porcelain. Not even a wibble. Stupid jelly.

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‘Lean on me’ he said. ‘I can’t,’ she replied, ‘I’m far too heavy.’ ‘Just do it.’ he cajouled. Reluctantly she folded herself otwards him, resting her wieght slowly upon his shoulder. It felt good.

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