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now that the place was closed it was time to take off. sure she could leave at rocket speeds, that what she named her bike, but instead she chose to walk it home.

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She generally rode her bike to work but today the weather gave little reprieve so it was time to ask father for a ride to work. besides she was closing tonight and he wouldn’t want her out alone after dark, right? of course not.

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sure he was being a gentleman but she couldn’t help but think that he was the first new friend she had made and she didn’t want to ruin that. it seemed like you couldn’t let anyone be nice to you without them expecting to be more in return. but he seemed to be ok with the arrangement so far.

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he came over for a quick visit on his way from work since they lived a couple blocks apart just to warn her about the mood their boss was in. again. he always seemed to be in a bad mood but today it struck zach as being a good idea to stop by and see liz.

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she pulled the curtain open and looked out the window. there wasn’t much to see in the backyard, but it reminded her of the dog she used to have growing up. he died when she was sixteen. cancer they said. apparently it’s more common than we think.

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he asked her to show him the fire thing again. she felt that he was fishing for something she wasn’t sure she could give. why was he suddenly so interested in her ability to snap her fingers and produce fire?

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he had been confined in this space for more than an hour. this time he already knew what she wanted and he was sure he could get it to her, he just wasn’t sure if she would follow through on her end of the bargain.

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she thirsted for the power of transparency. this would bring her to the forefront of all the powerful ones and she could let it be known publicly. it was what she always wanted, but was she ready to give up her daughter for a second time?

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She kept the ring as a souvenir to remind her of the challenge she had overcome. Hell if she could save the town from evil surely she could find herself a job. It was only a matter of applying. A numbers game her dad had called it.

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denim was her fabric of choice and while she knew she should be shopping for interview clothes in case she ever got one instead she was just wandering the mall aimlessly marveling at all the changes that had occurred in her absence.

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you could hardly call it a grove, for it was only a circle of trees planted at the park. the forest didn’t really exist in town it was something you had to travel to the nearby mountains to see.

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she knew the terrain well. it was the place she had grown up, the place she intended to raise her daughter. and now here it was change. change everywhere. places had closed down, new ones had opened up and it was nothing short of spectacular to see the city had evolved.

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she was attempting to be steadfast in her plan but with everything disintegrating in front of her she could only act in desperation. an act that would only be in vain. she would never beat the power of good even though she wanted the best for her daughter.

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It was always like this with guys. She would meet them like them and then find every reason she could to not like them .

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for most of her life he had been attuned to his daughter’s every need. only now he didn’t understand where she was coming from, what she wanted from him. he tried to slow her down she was talking so fast but he could only manage to push her toward ending the conversation completely.

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her father never faltered to answer her questions until now. what did he know about her mother and where she had been. who could she even trust? her mother was after her powers, her newest friend betrayed her and now her father might know the key to everything.

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she moved with such grace and elegance it was hard to believe that she was the bad guy. but maybe that’s how it really was. the more elegant, the more confidence the more evil. but did she really have the confidence for more than stealing powers?

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They were in stitches after the run they just had. This was it this was how they quit their job. By telling off the boss taking a couple pizzas and running to the nearest park. She loved this park. It had the circle of trees in it that always made her hopeful.

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the witch wanted everything. she wanted her daughter back, she wanted her life back and once she had the blood of her daughter she could cast the spell that would take them back in time to the time before her daughter burned the house down. before her father decided to raise her without magic.

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she was always amused by the awkwardness that he possessed. he always seemed to be able to play it off in a way she felt she never could, but maybe that was the magic of being a man. that awkwardness could be so different between the two of them.

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The locket was the only thing she had left of her mother and grandmother. she had been raised by her father for most of her life and held on to her family the only way she knew how. by holding the locket to her lips whenever she felt sad or alone.

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she moved her had slightly in the air. it was almost imperceptible but it was there as it to say come this way. he never new how to react to gestures like these. was it real? or had he imagined it.

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The beginning of the school year was always the nicest because everything was new and it seemed like starting all over every school year. but this year seemed to be changing too much. Everyone was acting different and even the teachers were different.

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She tried to think positively about nicole moving away. They had been classmates and best friends for so long that she wasn’t sure how things were going to change fore her.She would have to hang out with different kids in class for projects.

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the sound of the tires on the road were getting louder as it cruised passed them on the way home. That was very sound that had told them they should move to the gutter since there were no sidewalks here.

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there were over forty in the small house. well it wasn’t small but it wasn’t a mansion. the power bill was over four hundred. and who could have guessed about the bulbs that would sprout from the tomato plant. so many new things to find in a house that wasn’t ours before.

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so this one time my friend was telling a story that started with this one time at band camp… remember american pie and the red haired band camp girl my friend and i started laughing hysterically. That was three years ago. To this day we do not know what story she intended to tell about that one time at band camp.

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ill this is when you’re sick to your stomach and can’t do anything but lay in bed. this is when something is so legit nothing else can put it to bed. this is when something is done in bad taste or planned poorly.

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I’ve been told that I can be pretty violent sometimes. I get angry and want to throw things. When I want a hug or something I grab hold tight out of nowhere. It’s enough to fear.

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