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The baggage went off into the assembly line at the airport. It had travelled a long way, across several oceans in fact, to get to its destination. The contents therein, a secret. The owner intended to keep it that way, which is why it was wrapped in film containing lead, so as to fool the X-ray machines. The baggage itself was unassuming.

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The skylight is a beautiful piece of architectural design. It allows the light of the day to pour in, illuminating the room with its radiance, whereas in a night with a full moon, the skylight continues to provide a natural glow, that can go well when the room is dimly lit. Of course, a skylight that is improperly designed can be a curse rather than a boon.

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Is there a limit? Drove 30 hours. I still drove 30 hours for you.

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La serie era televisada y era vista por muchas personas. Ellas creían que lo disfrutaban pero era ciertamente algo que tenían que hacer. Formaba parte de las cosas que en el día a día hacia que la vida fuera más divertida. Si no fuese así, todo seria diferente y el mundo al que están acostumbradas a vivir sería un eterno tedio

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Frank was leaning against the wall while waiting for Harry to show up. Feeling rather impatient, given that he has been waiting there for a while, he began to shuffle his feet. Thinking what the hell was taking Harry so long to show up, he began whistling a little tune. Finally, he saw Harry coming up from the distance and so began to wave halfheartedly.

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The pit is the emptiness, the void, the fall. Somewhere you fell and that you can´t get out. The pit is black, devoid of light. The pit is

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i was throwing food in the sixth grade once. it was my first and only food fight i ever had. mostly french fries were being thrown between boys and girls. they made us clean up the place for about a day or so as punishment for not eating quietly. anyways, it was fun and i miss being that little boy again.

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The cowboy had a sexy hat and all about him knew he was into it. All knew the cowboy for what he was, and that there was not really anyone waiting for him behind the flapping doors of the bar to duel with. His horse was hungry and he was out of mony for hay. No out laws to cash.
Bye bye, cowboy.

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not real

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