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it wraps around his head, a faded cloth that’s comfortably soft after years of wear and wash. Strands of auburn hair peek out from under it, angling out as if for freedom. I catch his eyes and see his brow arch up, his lips tilt upwards cockily. He wears his bandana like a flag of war, he wears it like a badge of pride.

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I held it within me when you scorned my efforts. It wasn’t easy, and you weren’t kind but I – held – it. It’s my honor, my dignity, and because I won’t ever lie, cheat or steal just to please you. I didn’t do it because I want to be able to tell my children my past – proudly

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It’s not so easy, when you’re so far away, to feel like I know who you are. It’s even harder when you turn around and I realise you’re just there, close enough to touch with my hands – and nothing else.

My words won’t touch you. My eyes won’t move you. You’re going away, moving away, and all I can do is watch. Now all I can do is watch.

But there used to be a time, actually, when all we needed was for our eyes to meet and we’d smile, then laugh. We could be almost too far to see the wide smile, but we were connected

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I thought not giving up was being strong. I thought pressing on till I cried was being strong. I thought not admitting my weakness was strength.

And maybe they were. Maybe they are. But you’re stronger, because you pulled me up when I wanted to drop. You saw my tears and never said a word. You caught my weaknesses and saw through my lies.

And you were behind me all the while, watching after me, giving your best and more just to make sure I didn’t doubt my own strength.

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The last time I saw him was when he was walking away from the door, walking away from the house – and me. Wallking away from me.

I didn’t call out, or cry out, I didn’t let myself grieve. Then I went home and back to my life. The life I always wanted. Lots of money, lots of food in the fridge, lots of clothes, lots of dinners. And it would have been great, after all, if everything had stayed that way but now…now that wasn’t what I defined as success.

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It wasn’t something I could write out, nor was it something I could say – or think, or do, or imagine, or wish.

I couldn’t predict it because it was impossible.

I couldn’t prevent it because it was unthinkable.

I had no contingency plans for what you did, and you blew me away.

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It was from a time when cowboys thumbed their dust-streaked dirty jeans and swaggered with guns swinging. That was when they’d shoot you for hurting their friends, and pull you up when you fell, bastard or not. It was their policy

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It’s been a day since I’ve eaten. A day since I’ve even smelt food, seen food – anything that can be actually eaten without killing myself. That means anything not dirt, grass, stone or mud.

It’s been a day since I’ve let myself feel whole again. A day, or was it only a day? I think it might have been two. Or three. Or…a week…

It’s been a day since I’ve felt your hug. I’m just lying here, and the clouds look so tasty.

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think about how long you have in this world. To dream. To sing. To laugh and live and dance and smile and cry, oh God, cry.

Think about how much longer you have to make sure he knows, she knows, they know, how precious you think them. That they’re wanted.

Then think about this:

Think about how you wasted your life drinking that drug

Think about how you wasted your chances imbibing it, to gain what you call…happiness.

Are you happy?

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