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Laid out on the table were spoons of all sizes, all he’d never seen before, forks, chopsticks, plates and bowls and glasses, and- It was never-ending, it seemed.

Yet, the silverware lay beneath the wooden boards just underneath his bed. For the first time in his life, his silver tongue provided no defense.

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The lights of the nightclub pulsed, the bodies under them writhing, necks bared and hips rolling.

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She was a circus clown; red nosed, pale cheeks and eyes fixedly wide from having seen too much, set into her small, chubby face. She’s dressed up, put in garnish yellows and blurry flower patterns, picked up from the imitation vintage boutique at the fringes of the city’s downtown.

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Never in her life had she felt as if the world was tilted sideways. She was stumbling around in a cold, dark room, with hallways that branched left right up down. Which way should she go? Did that direction lead to where she had come from?

All she knew was this: Whatever happened, she could not stay.

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It wasn’t logical, what I was doing. Missing a date, switching decisions seconds after I’ve made them, taking a nap right before class. It didn’t make any sense. Yet, maybe it was what I needed, if only to force myself to pick up my pieces, and turn everything logical again.

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There are many lessons in life we learn. The small ones, the ones your parents tell you – be a good boy and Santa will give you a present; come back with an A and we’ll get you that new iPhone. Then there are the big ones – the one where we lay on our deathbeds and think: I should’ve lived my life when I had the chance.

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Hairline cracks crawled up the window, and years of grime, dust and a lack of care tinted its edges yellow and brown. But rays of sunlight shone through its glass panes and scattered on the wooden boards beneath his feet.

It didn’t matter that the window was unclean; it still gave him the best view in the house.

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“Hello, hello, ladies and gentlemen!” the emcee crowed into the microphone, one gloved hand sweeping out with a flourish. “We have an announcement to make!”

The crowd settled, and thousands of pairs of eyes turned to the man in the top hat and purple-yellow two-piece suit standing behind the podium.

The man’s white-painted face stretched into a grin as his keen eyes watched the men get into position at the entrances and exits of the tavern. When the last of them have stood around the audience stands, just as he had ordered, he leaned toward the crowd. Anticipation rose in the air.

“Ready your wallets!” he laughed. From behind the podium, his hidden hand pulled out a rifle and fired into the ceiling. “And let us enjoy the show!”

His men moved, and the screaming began.

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“Hello, hello, ladies and gentlemen!” the emcee crows into the microphone, one gloved hand sweeping out with a flourish. “We have an announcement to make!”

The crowd settles, and thousands of pairs of eyes turn to the man in the top hat and purple-yellow two-piece suit standing behind the podium.

The man’s white-painted face stretching into a grin as keen eyes watched his men get into position at the entrances and exits of the tavern. When the last of them have stood around the audience stands, just as he had ordered, he laughs. From behind the podium, his other hand pulls out a rifle and fires into the ceiling. “Ready your wallets,” he drawls, “as we enjoy the show!”

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“Mm,” said John.

“Mm? What do you mean by, mm? Is it good enough to be published or not?”

“Look, kid,” the editor sighed, “I’ll be honest with you. I can’t tell the difference between half of your characters, and your writing style is a little…” He made a so-so gesture with a hand. “…fan fiction-y.”

The girl stared at him, eyes wide and face falling. John kept up his smile. “However, you’re in luck, because while this needs a whole lot of editing, you’ve come to the right place.”

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“Totally,” Jasmine tried. She flipped her hair. Dyed blonde strands stuck to her forehead.

The casting director stared at her, eyelids lowered and chin propped in his palm.

“Next,” he told her.

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Word: ‘juvenile’

She’s not sure why she continues doing this – crouched behind the church, a cigarette in one hand and a lighter she swiped from her kitchen counter in the other.

With the flick of a thumb, a spark bursts into a flame. It burns bright and almost holy, illuminating the shriveled leaves strewn across the dark, dusty alley. The light is too pitiful for her to see the stubs, glass and needles, but she can’t decide if that’s a blessing or a shame.

She brings the smoking cigarette to her lips and draws a breath. The harms of smoking drifts to the forefront of her mind, played on repeat by all the authority figures she has in her life. She understands them, and knows that she could substitute what she’s doing with reading or exercising. Yet, it’s not just the scent of a smoke that calms her; it’s the potential of her getting caught, of the horror and anger that she imagines her parents would display, that makes her heart skip and stir.

That’s her true addiction. She’s too much of a coward to act out beyond this, but at the same time, she needs an outlet born out of independent choice. When she is at home, in school, or walking along a street, her mind is an unwitting receptor of others’ thoughts, her body a reluctant effector of their expectations.

Here, shrouded beneath the clouded, chilly night, her heart beats for herself. Her thoughts run wild and free.

She feels alive.

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Her form flickered, and in that split second, he had a sudden thought that he must have dreamed her up.

A blink, and she reappeared, brushing the ridges and alcoves of the cave in her scarlet-tinged glow and casting light shadows behind his seated figure.

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Dana blinked, pulling her hands out of her pockets. Turning to her friend, she started at the anger on her face. Jen was glaring at a spot in the cityscape below them, black irises seemingly darker than ever despite the little moonlight that could be seen tonight. Distantly, Dana wondered what she could focus on through the perpetual yellow smog clinging to the skyscrapers like parasites. “What?”

Jen sighed loudly and pushed away from the railing. “You know what. He was a no-show yesterday night.”

Tendrils of irritation began winding around her chest. “You mean I was a no-show yesterday night, and I’ve told you that my shape-shifting abilities are not at your beck and call. So enlighten me on the problem,” Dana said crossly, “and look at me while you’re doing it.”

She noticed Jen’s eye twitch, before she turned towards her and dropped her pretenses of civility. Dana saw it in the way Jen’s shoulders faced her fully, in the way her feet were pointed in her direction and in the way her gaze turned narrower, sharper and focused, on her.

“So we’re finally doing this,” Dana scoffed. “Are you going to start being frank with your thoughts about me?”

Jen curled her fists and ground her teeth. Surprising for a girl normally so demure and laid-back, Dana thought, but not unexpected.

She stared right back at her partner, unchanging in her expression and posture as Jen met her gaze. She had never hidden her thoughts and feelings from Jen throughout the time they had known each other.

After all these years, it felt good to finally be treated the same.

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He was so cold a man, she wondered if his bones might snap in half as easily as frozen twigs did in the winter. His spindly, shriveled demeanor accentuated this brittleness about him: his face a pallid canvas brushed with faded freckles, shoulders and back curved about a hollow torso, sagging skin wrapped around knees that failed to close the gap between his calves.

But even the bravest and kindest of Samaritans were deterred, because his eyes glinted grey like a sharpened knife and his gaze seemed to vivisect the minds of its owners. It made him unnatural, unrelatable and untouchable.

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Right on time, the gears of the ancient machine began to shift. Their oiled teeth pressed against each other in a quiet grind, letting a soft hum reverberate through the empty castle halls.

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The semi-trailers trampled the fields of grass, their silhouettes sharp against the vivid reds of a rising sun. They were leviathans gliding across the surface of an ocean of guarded secrets, as their teeth crushed the fat, glistening blades and befell the wildflowers and bugs nestled between them, forming intertwining patterns in movements so random yet so sure, it seemed to any observer that they had to be with direction.

And with purpose they had come, for not only had their slaughter wrought ruin to a proudly groomed land, but it had also revealed the potholes and humps among the smooth plateaus of crumbling soil. In the end they left in quiet rumbles, and soon they were but dark dots in the horizon, leaving behind a land marred with faults both new and old, which lay naked under the scorching glare of a white hot sun.

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The Fields of Asphodel were brimming with the ghosts of sunflowers.

They danced to memories of the summer breeze, and brightened for the spirits that drifted past them, ignorant of the absent sunlight and coarse, cracked ground.

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The notes rang high, but she pushed her voice higher, tensing her stomach and opening the airways in her throat, just like she had practiced. It reminded her of waves, of tides rolling over the surface of each other, steadily building in momentum and strength. Oh, she could see it, herself, wrapped in silks and dusted with glitter, her song reaching into the hearts of men as the audience cramped around her lean forward and listen with fervent ears-

The music stopped. She jolted, turned and glared at the boy beside her.

“Bloody hell,” her twin groused, harmonica hanging between two fingers as he remained crouched on the ground under the stairway they called home. “Forget the competition, you’re not even going to make it past auditions.”

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The tiled floors ran orange, the crushed stalks of fungi scattered over a paint of dust and spores, like an overturned container of thumbtacks long forgotten in an abandoned classroom.

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“You,” she whispered, teeth a harsh white in the dimness of the room, “are all bark and no bite.”

Her legs straddled his chest, mockingly reminiscent of how they had hugged his hips mere moments ago. She wrapped fingers – moisturized and nail-painted – around his windpipe, and another hand gripped the hilt of the ceremonial knife tight.

Samuel choked, a muted whimper escaping his lips as the knife’s edge nicked his cheek. The marble tiles carved coldness into his shoulders, his calves, his behind, and when he looked up at her, at her cascade of ebony hair and wild, green eyes, he had never before felt so terrified.

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Now THAT was an unopened can of worms which nobody wanted to touch. So naturally, it was left to him to do so.

That’s what he had thought, at least.

When he opened his mouth and spoke, and all the past months’ of hard work fell apart like Jenga blocks, everyone turned to him. He realised then that maybe the can of worms had remained sealed tight for a reason.

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It was a windy day today, perfect for blood lust and war. If you take a sniff, you can scent the intoxicating smell of metal and rot.

I wonder what my mother would think of me right now. Of me, standing over the corpse of my best friend and lover, only the first in the very long line of women and men to come.

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Dressed in his flannel shirt, she can’t help but grin. “Thanks so much for the present, sweetie,” she gushes to the little grey cross stuck into the ground before her.

She flicked away the flecks of soil clinging to his shirt – hers now. Then, dropping a soggy bouquet of flowers beside the grave, she spun on her heels and left for her car.

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The city around him burned.

Towers crumbled, tarmac melted, people screamed and cried. He wondered if this was what he truly wanted, when he had given the genie his wish.

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I’m in such a depressed mode lately. What do my parents have to gain by preventing me from becoming independent, from learning – in the first place – to function as an adult? I’m sheltered, and while I’m definitely appreciative of all that’s been done and sacrificed for me… shouldn’t there be a time where you’ll just have to let go? Don’t even give me that bull shit about how I’ve never been a parent, and thus I wouldn’t understand how it’s very difficult to let go of one’s child. It’s true, I can’t empathise, only sympathise, but it doesn’t change the fact one bit.

I no longer want to make excuses for your own insecurities and fallacies. I want to be my own person. Please recognise that.

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“Please,” he gasped, knees pressed tight against the pebbled ground, fists wound around the fabric of his loose pants. “Spare my child. She is our only memory of your wife.”

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He back-flipped over the wall, landing squarely on his feet, legs crouched and a stupidly wide grin across his face. Cheers erupted around him. Bending low, he swept his arm out beside him and watched as silvers and coins clinked into the crumpled scarf at his feet.

The small crowd that had gathered were a motley bunch of people – homeless Jack who often hung around this neighborhood, a couple of curious foreigners, schoolboys with greasy hair and dirt-stained pants.

But hey, he was a penniless drop-out, so he’d do with what he’d get.

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She’s just an ordinary girl. She doesn’t wear fancy, uptown clothing, nor is she an athlete or a straight-A student. Mention her name, and the majority of her schoolmates and teachers would be confused with unfamiliarity.

Yet, it’s when the unexpected occurs to people like her, then do they blink their eyes open, and step out to face this new twist in their lives, with hearts of warmth, bravery and undiscovered strength.

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Irritation blossomed in him.

He didn’t understand why, but he knew what had begun it. It was his beard. All this time, he spent hours staring at that reflection of his hideous stubble, and later splurged wallet-fulls of money on finding the right product to make those dark blonde hairs glossy, neat, and the perfect picture of a well-kept and respectable man.

Look at it now. Miss a couple of days without a shower – not even by choice! – and his beard was a frizzy, dull lump. It made him want to scream.

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