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Noses come in all shape of sizes, and are shared by thousands upon thousands of creatures. Large, small, pink, brown, black, they just never seem to end! I sound like a children’s nature documentary and I hate this tone with my entire heart and soul!

» Posted By erin chavi On 09.12.2019 @ 2:28 pm

Nearly everyone has a nose. Different creatures have different noses that come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. In artistic styles some people choose to just leave a nose as a little red triangle on the face. It’s lazy, but gets the point across, and comes off as cute.

» Posted By erin chavi On 09.11.2019 @ 2:39 pm


Logos are one of the most important branding details of a company. recently changed their logos for their application, website, and company, and it received a lot of backlash because of the poor design in keeping with their product branding. It’s a good lesson to learn when starting a business; but not long after its creation.

» Posted By erin chavi On 09.10.2019 @ 5:21 pm

Logos are very important when it comes to companies and products. I’m involved in a robotics club that not only teaches how to build and design robots, but teaches you to market them. Creating a company as a business to market our product [the robot] is half the work.

» Posted By erin chavi On 09.09.2019 @ 12:05 pm


“You raise me up so I can stand on high”. I do not recall any other lyrics to this song, but boy, it sure does get stuck in my head anyway. I remember it being sung by two kids on a talent show once, they both had incredible voices. It was a very sweet sight.

» Posted By erin chavi On 09.06.2019 @ 1:30 pm

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