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Puppies are the most adorable creatures in the world with their floppy ears and their velvety noses that rub up against your arm, leaving behind a wet trail. They always push their heads up against you and their fur rubs gently against your skin. They have the biggest brown eyes that plead for only your love and attention.

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Everything about the motel felt green. There was a certain shimmering viridescence, an eerily beautiful glow, all about the whitewashed walls and the crunchy dollar store sheets and the hard slick linoleum. None of it was green but it felt green. Something of nature lingered, a smell of wet earth, of fallen leaves, of mold that made a home long ago.

» Posted By Erin On 11.07.2018 @ 1:59 pm


everything is hazardous to some degree. Handing animals, holding kids, walking to the shops. Everyone sees some things as majorly hazardous like sharks where as cows are more hazardous and more likely to kill you. id rather cuddle a cow though.

» Posted By Erin On 06.10.2018 @ 9:10 am


David’s tea, guava cadabora, delicious, warm, comforting, cozy, reading. Sunsets, sunrises. Visits. Company. Me time. Colourful. Boiling water. Sips. tea kettle.

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the tower loomed high above Johnny’s head. he had spent hours building it, using sticks and stones and moss to create a tall tower that leaned slightly to the left towards the top.

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From a distance, she could see that the fires were burning in the village. The buildings were engulfed in smoke. The bridges were in flames. The water surrounding the village, the James River, was unharmed by the fire but the sky above was filled with black smoke.

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The thieves went from store to store searching for the perfect item. They knew what they needed, but had to find it, and this turned out to be more trying than initially thought.

» Posted By Erin On 01.22.2017 @ 7:59 pm


It was a quandary, a dilemma of sorts. The kind that you tried your best to avoid. To think ahead of.

» Posted By Erin On 05.11.2016 @ 8:52 am


The thought of domestic violence just makes my heart sink. The idea of the one you love, the one you trust, your other half, hurting you is just the most dreadful thing.

» Posted By ERIN On 05.09.2016 @ 7:02 pm


I wondered if he would see me. I looked shyly across the dance floor. He was busy with his friends, laughing and joking around as they listened to the music. It was a fast song now, but I knew a romantic slow song was coming.

Finally, he looked over. His eyes met mine as the music slowed.

» Posted By Erin On 04.25.2016 @ 10:05 pm


I like the color violet on my eyes. My favorite violet eyeshadow is called Sassy. It’s a vegan eyeshadow. Violet Chatchki is a great drag queen. She won RuPaul’s season 7. Usually I don’t like skinny queens, but I think she’s really talented. She has a really good aesthetic and she’s an amazing designer.

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All the kidnapper, Joe, had to do was to lure the kid into his van. He already had it planned out. He would bribe him with cash and tell him he was his mom’s friend, and that he was supposed to take him home. Joe pulled into the school parking lot, waiting for the doors to open. He hoped his plan would work.

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The knight’s armor felt heavier and heavier as he marched towards the castle. He had one simple task. All he had to do was kill the king. His father was desperate for the crown, and the only way for him to get it was for his own brother to die. The knight didn’t know how he could kill his own uncle, but he had no choice. He couldn’t disobey his own father. He knew he could turn back. The castle was coming into view. It was now or never to make his choice.

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I woke, my head throbbing and my vision fuzzy. The last thing I remembered was that soccer ball flying at my head. I was lying in the grass, kids crowding around me. I couldn’t make out any details of my surroundings. The world around me was blurred, and it felt like someone had crushed my skull, although I knew a soccer ball couldn’t do that. Something was definitely wrong.

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I want to be wealthy. I hope I am wealthy when I get older, if not I will marry a wealthy man. Nverrmind. I don’t really caré about wealth if I am happy. I don’t want to be poor though. I don’t want to struggle.

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The ground was course and brown with some chips from wood stranded about. I was sitting on the black chair looking forlornly at the fire that burned before me. It was a wreath of yellow reaching up to the sky, fighting to get up there, but nary a thing would help the flames in their endeavor. They could only stretch and get as far as they could before dissipating.
The night was dark and the clouds smothered the stars and moon in the sky. The forest was quite, all the animals gone off to a long needed sleep. I roasted a marshmallow, not really sure what I was doing.

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It was a sharp incline of slick metal, and all I had to stop myself from the slide down was a flimsy plastic spoon. My boots were gone, my socks had no tread, and the fabric of my clothes was as slick as the metal. Faster and faster and the spoon trembled in my grip, threatening to snap before I could ever find any sort of use for it.

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Hazel at the beginning is down and and collapsed at the beginning because of cancer, than became depressed.

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Someone has truly achieved success in their lives when they are happy with themselves, their partners, and just their overall life (careers, family, friends, money, travelling, nice house/apartment, decent cars, etc). They can call themselves an “achiever” in life when they have reached this level of success.

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She was acting miserably. How dare he do this to her? How DARE he? She couldn’t believe it.

» Posted By Erin On 09.17.2015 @ 9:02 am


things are stolen all of the time, but not always in the way we expect. People can steal your possessions, your ideas, your identity — but all of this we have provisions for. Insurance. Protection. Guards. But what about stolen moments, stolen possibilities?

» Posted By Erin On 08.09.2015 @ 7:41 pm


Finding treasure isn’t my fault I just wanted to go exploring. We stumbled on treasure that just so happened to be cursed and now we’re gonna die.

» Posted By Erin On 06.30.2015 @ 5:51 pm


I don’t know what octave is. May it is like an octopus, but… in a cave? Or maybe the cave has eight tentacles. Hmmm…

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I did not know where I was going, I didn’t even know where I had been. I was here, now, alone but not yet afraid. The treetops creaked and groaned while the midnight wind whispered secrets to them. Every now and then the sound of scurrying or the hooting of an owl broke me out of my reverie.

» Posted By Erin On 06.11.2015 @ 3:19 am


It’s divine to meet you. To error is human, forgive divine. Holy holy holy cow. Isn’t divinity a dessert too? Nothing is divinity.

» Posted By Erin On 04.24.2015 @ 7:45 pm


I could tell something was off about him. I didn’t know if he was just generally a stressed person or if something particular had affected him of late. His eyes pierced through me as I glanced over. Had I done something wrong?

» Posted By Erin On 03.26.2015 @ 1:26 pm

The thought of my last final filled me with an incredible amount of stress. I could feel each strand of hair being rejected from my head as my mind filled with more anxiety. How was I going to pass this?

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As I stretched across the king sized bed in the early light of the morning, something felt off. I patted the bed next to me and felt the dent he left. He was gone early again. Where did he keep going this early in the morning.

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Chargeeeeeeeeeeee! Charge the goal? Charge ahead? Stay in charge? What am I to do with this life that has been so graciously given to me? I have this responsibility of making the most of my gifts but I have no idea where to start. (Says the teenager trying to figure out the 10 year… or lifetime plan)

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brewed was my heart
marinated in the thought of loving you
couldn’t quit while you were ahead
had to care for you
more than what I had led
you to believe

» Posted By Erin On 02.28.2015 @ 12:22 pm

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