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I have established a home, job, family. Pride in ownership. Identity, personality is formed. History and heritage. Love

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blue in the drawer,
felt and soft to touch
unveils tarnished long loved and familiar
weighty, held long in animated discussions, debates, celebration and tears
by family we love and have loved
present and past
to be passed again

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The way I sit is up tight
It’s a wonder I have any friends

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the devil is around me. he tries to tempt me to become evil, to do bad things. people blame the devil’s temptation when they do bad things. However, I think we are all a little bad inside

maybe the devil just brings out the truest form of ourselves

» Posted By erica On 06.05.2017 @ 3:59 am


Terry thought she would get educated. She was old and fat and had decided that there was no place left for her. Perhaps school would open her eyes. It did: to the fact that there really was nothing

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There is a bible veres about treaure.

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Sometimes I get upset over stupid stuff. I am upset all the time, over every little thing. I am upset I don’t get to do what I want. I am upset that people don’t do the things I want them to do. I am upset things don’t happen the way I think they should. I need to stop being so upset all the time or my life is going to be completely upset.

» Posted By Erica On 08.21.2016 @ 6:16 pm


Clubs. Everyone belongs to one. Some more than others. I think the chess club is a thing. I would never join a club, but if I did it would be the make up club. They may not have one, but if I had a choice I’d choose it. I’d be something more than make up; gossip, love interest; talking about life.. clubs are an art we choose to believe only exist in school.

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I was so vibrant. The colors slipped down my throat, and a song crawled out. The birds stopped flapping their wings and soared. The fish dropped to the bottom of the sea.

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“Esme, This is not acceptable behaviour.” muttered Mel. his head quivering almost imperceptibly as it did whenever he was making a statement the ending of which he had no foreknowledge of. “Absolutely not!” shrilled Audrey. “Absolutely not” Mel turned his head towards Audrey. “Do you mind. This is mine.” “Hmph, fine” came the curt response. Mel turned back to Esme, who was leaning on the side of her car, arms folded. head cocked. a whole body daring him to continue. He stared at his daughter, whom he had now indicated he would consider a punishment for. Searching for the his words he suddenly became hyper aware of the dual racing lanes of thought and speech that buzzed in his head “Now Esme . . .” what is the punishment, What can I ask of her? “You really shouldn’t have done this…”Can I ask her to make an apology? Yes ” So I think you should apologize to Petra and Andy and . . .”, maybe she should pay for the cake? “and offer to pay for the cake. . .” But she’s not worked for a while. “Somehow . . .” She is living at home. “Perhaps you could work out a payment plan with your sister. . . ” If she will talk to you. ” Perhaps we can all sit down . . .” Petra really looks pissed. ” And I will help mediate . . .” How can I make this better? “In order to find a way to put things right” I hate doling out consequences. ” And if you need a little help, I will help.” Suddenly wheels squealed across the dual carriageway and cut him off. “What kind of punishment is that!” He slowly resumed the drive, avoiding the asshole that cut him off. Why is Audrey such a bitch? “Just a second . . . So . . .” Uh frack. How am I going to get out of this?

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Of course the wedding cake sinking in the heat of Esme’s car was far more concrete proof of her guilt than the missing statue. But having negotiated her way out of paying the price for family prank offences on numerous occasion, Esme anticipated that this one too should be a piece of wedding cake to wriggle out of. She smiled at Mel conspiratorially, as though he had been in on the act, and then shot him a toothy cheshire cat grin, cocking her head to the side that said, ‘Come on you know it was just a joke’. But Mel was no longer smiling.

» Posted By Erica On 07.31.2015 @ 8:48 am

Audrey, who was not overly enamoured of anyone but her self, was particularly not fond of Esme, ever since the incident two summers ago when, baffled by the disappearance of her prized lawn statue, a 4 foot replica of Venus On The Half Shell which she had proudly wrought from scrap tin, sea glass and a tin cast of her own face during of a 6 month course in Recycling Art, she then found in its stead a peeling plaster effigy of Betty Boop,naked in a blonde wig, its roots painted grey, rubber snakes woven through its synthetic locks glued onto a small worn blue shag rug with a sign marked Medusa on The Bathmat: a seeming dig at her obsessive need for bi daily showers.

» Posted By Erica On 07.30.2015 @ 4:58 pm


In order for me to believe someone’s word, I must obtain proof from them; especially if this person has been known to fabricate!

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There was no immediate proof that it Esme had done any thing underhanded to sabotage the wedding, just the aroma of rotting kelp and eggs emanating from the wedding cake when Petra and Andy cut into. However, the discovery of the real wedding cake carefully packed into the back of her Subaru wagon, neatly boxed up in its original packaging from the Flour De Lis bakery did rather land her in the hot seat as number one suspect, that and the umpteen emails to her sister accusing her of stealing Andy away from her.

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The clip in her hair was bright red. Like the color of a fire truck, blazing brightly against her dyed black hair. It was a simple clip with nothing fancy. Not even glitter. Just bright red.

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Until that moment when you arrive
Until that moment you’ll just survive
Until that moment when you appear
Until that moment you live in fear

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The shallow pond rippled with the waves of the wind as the hurricane swept by. Water splashed against the muddy bank, sifting the sands to reveal a shiny pearl.

» Posted By Erica On 05.23.2015 @ 5:22 pm


Planted the seeds of friendship
with you
Our saplings sprang forth
Lush healthy
pushed up through
rich soil
By late spring they
But something
choked them
our hope.
You turned the soil with
your heart
I watered them with
my tears
we laughed
we toiled
By fall they
were dead
than us
Just said
Not Now

» Posted By Erica On 05.05.2015 @ 2:47 pm


Normally you would have switched the operating mechanism of your thought provider to auto pilot by now; allowing it to free fly during that period of time when your side of the earth is looking outward into the galaxy for clues of a darker and more infinite nature than those illuminated by the sun. But sometimes there is a glitch in the daily processing, and by the time darkness has stretched itself to its full expanse, you find yourself careening through it without a flight manual and no recollection of how to get your thoughts back on route before the stygian mountain hits.

» Posted By Erica On 05.03.2015 @ 10:01 pm


Little Fat girl
Eyes ablazing
Sat forth
Looked in her mirror
and said
‘I will.’
‘No one will stop me.’
and pausing briefly,
her breath falling from her
She added for her own protection.
‘But me.’
and she began her
march through life
a March aimed forward
not knowing that there was no such thing.

Over years she began
to see the traces
of circles trod multiple times,
paper thin flesh tears
wrought by tangled thickets,
snags in her synapsis
caught on thorns

She felt the heavy drag of doubt
wading through the swamps of No
and thought herself lost to Asphyxia
as she hauled herself over the mountains of Not You
where the thin air stole her breath.
She marched so hard and long
her body hurt
She held it tight so no one would know
the pain she entertained.
Each part of her:
Her adipose armour,
grown to protect her from harsh emotional climes;
her legs like tree stumps
born for marching;
Her chest swollen
from holding onto breath she feared to lose.
All stung from
telling lies.
It asked to be forgotten
To be discarded
It shouted I’m tough!
I am just like you!
I can take care of myself!

As her body began to break
Inside a little beast named Truth
lay waiting;
A beast she feared more greatly than
what she feared the world might see.
Slowly stealing bits of air
Truth crawled up out of its pit within
the heart inside her throat,
and gained access to her ear.

Spying sunlight
Truth turned the girl to it and asked her firmly
but gently to see through it’s eyes

Little Fat girl
now got a glimmer
of the mirror she had once made
She stood before it
Eyes fixed on what horribly astounding limits it held within it
and smashed the mirror with a whisper
The words
‘I will’
resounded through the shattered air.

» Posted By Erica On 04.26.2015 @ 7:32 am


Win?! Wiull, ah’ll till you win . . . an why. It started maybe two, maybe thray yeaers ago, win a had a nite a awful baud luck. Nauw, winever ah go to the Baingo, ah lack ta take fav dahwberz with meh. I take uh blue, uh purple, uh brat yeller, uh reud, an a grin. Thuh kina grin that makes ya thinkuh uh kee lam pah. Uh keep um in a ziplahk sanwitch baug inside muh purse, so ah niver fergitem, Cuz wun tam I diuhd, an that wiz thuh tam I woulda wun the jackpaht, but I wiz ony usin’ a pincil crayn, an it wer faded an the caller couldn’t see ma markins, so she wunt giv me mah winnins. Buht I think it was also acuz she were still jeluz a me fer sleeping with her husbin on the night afor her weddin’ at the batchler party win ah wis still strippin and could could fit inta a sahz 6. Nauh I’m nat strippin anuh more, cuz a foun Gad, an he duzn wan me tah strip no more. So ah play bango insted. An ah always make sure ah bring mah fav dawberz.

» Posted By Erica On 04.22.2015 @ 4:42 am


Amanda sat slumped in the tattered green wingback nearest the bay window facing the pond: Peter’s chair. Her unfocused gaze rested wearily on the twilight orange trail bleeding across the water towards the copse where Peter’s body had been found hanging. Her eyes dropped to the tumbler in her trembling hands. ‘Hateful bourbon’ she thought as she lifted it to her lips; the last drops of Angel’s Envy! Amanda had taken to ritualistically drinking a tumbler full of Peter’s poison every night since his death in order to once and for all drain the final bottle from which he would, in recent years upon returning home from work, generously pour the first of several large tumblers of Bourbon neat, while bitterly pronouncing the future of their evenings together: ‘ . . .and flights of angels sing thee to my rest’.

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In Security

My complexion is sallow.
I never intended to take my skin out into the world,
And let god’s breath give it new blush.
Born in shadow, it’s not my nature to invite the light.
My skin might burst with the colour of love.
A swell of my own sea may rush from out this rupture
and mingle and drown amidst another’s ocean.
Blood rushes too fast for me.
Sanguine was never my colour.
I prefer the low steady pulse of black and bile.
I like a little Melas with my cholor;
My own black and tan Fantasy.
Nothing is safer, more exciting
Than churning the milk of human kindness to a curdle.
Thank you, please, but
I’ll beat myself until I’m Black and bile all over,
And never let the blood seep past my skin
Where another could drink it in.
I’m careful that way.
A whiff of Belly, blood and bone
And the wolves will be at my door
Howling for a taste of more.
I prefer to keep things under lock and key
A life well died,
Spiritus intacta.

» Posted By Erica On 04.06.2015 @ 9:32 pm


Pandas are black and white. Just like everything else in this world. Black and white. Good and evil. Light and dark. But pandas… they are the symbol of the between. They are not entirely evil yet not entirely good. They possess both strengths and weaknesses, bad and good. That’s the reason behind the sacredness of the creature. Humans are not perfect, yet aren’t entirely imperfect either.

» Posted By Erica On 03.16.2015 @ 7:25 am


Mother Buffalo slipped her horns under Calf’s head in an attempt to raise him, but as she gently lifted her head he slid off, his small head landing with a thud on the frozen ground. Mother Buffalo stood motionless as she watched the last vapour of breath escape Calf’s emaciated frame. A moment passed filled with nothing but the sound of Mother’s breathing. Gently she bowed down and nudged Calf in hopes he would respond. But Calf just lay there limp. Mother Buffalo turned slowly, a gentle but penetrating moan riding on her breath, and with a gait filled with a grief as magnificent as her size she departed from Calf to join the herd

» Posted By Erica On 01.25.2015 @ 6:46 pm


My boyfriend is very special. He likes sailing and running. We like to travel together.

» Posted By ERICA On 01.16.2015 @ 4:27 am

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