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Her metabolism was stalled, she was certain of it. Along with the change of life had come a change in fitness and a change in metabolism. Why did this happen? Wasn’t grey hair and saggy skin enough? Now the saggy skin was filled with a bloat and spongy substance that she couldn’t quite accept as a reality for her life moving forward.

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Two yellow eyes glowed in the night. Through the mist and fog, I could not mistake the wolf’s gaze. We stared at each other. Waiting.

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I was so hungry. I could feel it in my stomach, and in my chest, and my knees; I felt weak, and nauseous and angry and tired. My head hurt, and my toes. My fingers were aching. I was so hungry but couldn’t decide what to eat.

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The sunlight beat down upon the roof of the igloo, penetrating the ice, which began to slowly melt. I tried to block the warmth of the sun’s rays to allow the ice structure a chance to survive and remain erect for one more day.

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I stared at the circles painted along the sidewalk. One after another, creating a mysterious path that only I could see. The were linked together, intertwined; and were illuminated by a spotlight from somewhere above my head. These circles….why couldn’t anyone else see them?

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from the top of the tower she should see far and wide, across the expanse of the yard and over the trees of the forest surrounding the estate. with binoculars, she could see him peeking out of the window, assuming he was unseen from inside his small wooden cabin in the village.

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There was an aura about her – one that I could not quite put my finger on. Was it the rainbow of color and light that seemed to fill the room when she entered? Or the warm glow that radiated from her body when she was near me? There was something there. I still can’t place it. The essence of pink and orange and pale green that permeates the air when she is present.

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there she stood, watching him. though the distance between them was vast, she felt as if she could reach out and touch him with her fingertips. she stretched out one arm, and gazed over the top of her hand….he was not within reach.

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