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Everything is helter-skelter, upside down, and tilted. There goes the floor, away again.

» Posted By emilyincolor On 09.08.2010 @ 3:32 pm


Soft silken ribbons branching down, cascading, caressing; the gentle green leaves bathed in light; aging brown bark dignified in its solemn pose; you are my tree.

» Posted By emilyincolor On 08.31.2010 @ 3:17 pm


That one single drop
did rest oh so quietly
upon one pale cheek

» Posted By emilyincolor On 08.30.2010 @ 4:18 pm


The lines are blurred and the paint is still wet. The charcoal is smeared and the graphite is messy; oh there was a shape alright, it was just….indistinct.
Now this, this would be life.

» Posted By emilyincolor On 08.29.2010 @ 10:40 am


As she looked and glanced and reveled and danced in the light, she wondered what she was missing; what could she be missing in the light of the moon.
So she turned and looked back, and it followed her; what could she be missing in the light of the moon.
She asked; and it replied “nothing.”

» Posted By emilyincolor On 08.28.2010 @ 9:38 am


This is one word that does not apply to life; there is no “bleak” when there is paint, and there is song. Do not be dragged by “bleak” towards that abyss of thought. LIVE.

» Posted By emilyincolor On 08.25.2010 @ 3:43 pm

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