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The hills stretched out before my eyes; an endless ocean of varying shades of green. The aroma of freshly cut grass, lavender, and fresh air wafted towards me as I dropped my bike to the dirt, closed my my eyes, and collapsed onto the soft earth.

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My roommate does the dishes more often than I do. It’s a constant source of aggravation and conflict in our house. Who’s going to wash that pan? Who’s going to clean up all the glasses you left on the floor. I haven’t cooked food for myself in over two weeks.

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There was a boy with ginger hair curled up against the brick wall of the alley. His knees were tucked up to his chest and his body was littered with bruises. His frame shook as he sobbed into his arms. He looked up at the stars and the light of the moon illuminated his pale face. Tears streamed down his face from his amber eyes.

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There was a saying, that if a girl went down to the old willow tree wearing only a white nightgown, she would encounter the love of her life within the next week. According to legend, many-a- young girl could meet her soulmate this way. According to Sarah, however, the only thing one might encounter down by the old willow after midnight wearing only a shift, was the town parish, who had an eye for girls at least a decade younger than he.

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I’ve been having stomach cramps every day for the last week. I’ve been freaking out about my taxes and repaying my student loans and applying to schools and bills, and FAFSA. I live 1,500 miles away from my mom, but I try to call her everyday so that she knows I’m already. During today’s call she was quiet for a moment and then said, “Honey, are you stressed?”

I started crying.

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When we got to the diner, my boss ordered the fried chicken. It was something he’d been wanting to order since he came to this small town several years ago. Amber was sitting across the table looking skeptically at his plate. When he offered her a taste, she proclaimed that the wings at the local fast food place were better. He defended his meal by its low cost. Her rebuttal was only to say, “quality over quantity.”

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I’d been struggling ever since I was 14 years old and my grandpa told me, quite calmly from his swivel chair, that my ass was fat. I started keeping a journal in which I recorded my daily calorie intake. I suddenly became much better at math and by the end of the summer I had lost 20 pounds.

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