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soap is fresh and clean. it makes me think of long soaks in the tub on the farm where i grew up. it is white, pink, blue, green, brown. bubbles!

» Posted By elina On 05.09.2013 @ 1:14 pm


flexibility could be considered to be the way someone is ready to face life and its hardships, the way a person is able to adapt to those things in life which don’t always go the way we want them to. Sometimes one has to flex to become who one is meant to be.

» Posted By Elina On 09.08.2012 @ 2:53 am


i stand near the water park wanting to go in but not having the time. I have lost all sense of myself after I was a child. I used to go to the waterpark all the time but now all i do is stand near it.

» Posted By Elina On 08.13.2011 @ 7:20 pm


is the word always level? I’m trying to go on this website again in hopes of getting another word but I keep getting level. It’s level so be it. I’m fine with that. Okay, level, as I said before I think of video games and computer games as in level 1 or 2 and ect ect. There’s also the floor levels in those high class buildings with many many levels. I look at the entries for levels and a lot of them have actually nothing to do with levels. lol that’s silly. are there any other words besides levels? I can’t think I’m just trying to type down all of my thoughts, when does this 60 seconds end? anyways, level keep thinking of level. it’s.

» Posted By Elina On 08.03.2011 @ 3:51 pm

what is level? A game level, or how high something is? How high can one go in a level of a game? a level is a symmetrical word. Written backwards is still level. level is such an interesting word. I can’t stop thinking of the level in games like level one two and ect. Level is also quite an uncommon word. It’s not rare though. By uncommon I mean it doesn’t have many meanings and it’s just the plain word level.

» Posted By Elina On 08.03.2011 @ 3:47 pm


My last change to say farewell – and the only occasion when everyone actually know how to dress.

» Posted By elina On 06.11.2011 @ 1:43 pm


You just can’t do it. You don’t want to. Your friends are gone, you don’t have family. You don’t have any reasons to carry on. People say you should do it. But you don’t. You don’t have the strenght to rise. So you give up.

» Posted By elina On 06.11.2011 @ 4:56 am

You feel like you can’t do it. You’re too deep in shit. So much has happened, so much is gone forever. You feel like giving up. You don’t have any friends or family. You don’t have any reasons. You don’t have the strengt to rise. So you go.

» Posted By elina On 06.10.2011 @ 1:19 pm


You often think how NICE it would be. Just let it all go. Not remember any shit that has happened in your life. You’d just live without knowing what you’ve done. But we can only dream. We’ll never forget everything.

» Posted By elina On 06.07.2011 @ 1:45 pm


I never listen to it. The music is crap. They don’t play art there. In my reality there are no radios. They’re just full of mainstream. Stupid, lame mainstream.

» Posted By elina On 06.03.2011 @ 11:36 am


I’m trying to forget. I can’t live with those memories and thoughts. They rip me apart every day. I just want to live again, happily, without worries or sorrows. And still I remember.

» Posted By elina On 05.31.2011 @ 11:05 am

Every single moment we shared together. Our first kiss, our first night together. All our kisses and nights together. The time when I got really angry and you were afraid of me. All the happy and sad situations. I remember them all.

» Posted By elina On 05.30.2011 @ 1:31 pm


the basic advantage of being in a relationship is that you have someone to take care of and you don’t fee lonely. Otherwise, its nothing more than desire for sex.

» Posted By elina On 03.02.2011 @ 2:59 am


Endless. What’s that word? What does it mean? Endless isn’t endless, or else it wouldn’t be endless, wouldn’t it? What a crap. Jack cursed without a word and looked up for a few seconds. This lesson took endless lot of time.

» Posted By Elina On 01.22.2011 @ 10:04 am


sharing, love and joy
freedom to be truly self

» Posted By Elina On 09.29.2010 @ 7:36 am


Matching clothes are the best ones. I always try to match what I wear but sadly, it doesn’t always work.

Black and white is my favorite matching. It always works, and it’s always stylish. The most important thing about matching, though, in my opinion is that you follow a certain strategy.

» Posted By elina On 06.17.2010 @ 8:55 am

i love matching clothes. black and white, green and yellow, anything with a system that works. it doesn’t have to be rational, it doesn’t even have to look good as long as it follows a certain strategy.

» Posted By elina On 06.17.2010 @ 8:50 am


i think of economics. the fact hat alex just asked me wherether its better to pay up front for law school or to get a student loan and pay down the line. i thought it was obviouse that paying down the line would involve interest, and i’m sure that he knew that already. however, i did not have much more than that to say, and i know he was looking for a more informative answer. i did think of the present value of money, but you only really think about that in econ.

» Posted By elina On 12.30.2008 @ 9:35 pm

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