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Greedy it was, how life made her, those empty grey days when all of her had to be invested in trivialities, with nothing left over – no time, no energy, no cents- the rent, the bills, the ritual of silent adding up over a half empty supermarket trolley – always about enough, just enough, just not enough. Now she drank it all in, the sunshiny days, the long walks, the never ending, silky days that gently, almost unnoticeably, slided over the mountaintop and down into the warm waters of the ocean. It was all hers – enough, just enough, just not enough, never, never enough.

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At the top platform, the wind reigns. It is impossible for them to stay long enough to complete the repairs: after ten minutes, their frozen hands refuse to cooperate, they are gasping for air.

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The sound of the priest’s tambourine exploded in the forest silence. The small group of people at the clearing, all dressed in long white robes adorned with colourful ribbons stood around him in a still circle.

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A swarm of bicycles is tailgating a tired old pickup truck. They pass me by, a quick, cheerful, alien splash of air and noise. I stand by the roadside, waiting for the crossing to clear. To the river, I need to get to the river.

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She remembered stepping out of the small airport building and inhaling the dark, humid tropical night for the first time. How the heavy air seemed to sit at the bottom of her lungs for a few moments before seeping into her blood. The days that followed peeled her out of the last pretenses of her former life, the business skirts, the smart shoes. The contents of her suitcase were a debris of a past gone.

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Three stars peeking
Through a well
In the clouds
Trying to read
Their fate etched
At the bottom
Of my eyes

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blue spikes
in the black sky
pierce the soft belly
of the Universe
and it weeps

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No point in living off Brothers’ charity. This world was suddenly small, suffocatingly small, and there was no place for him in it. No place for anything that he could give, after twelve years of apprenticeship, no place for his dreams, no place for his tomorrows. The next morning Liam took the boat down the river, to the Town.

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This little valley, a forgotten world. Or rather, it’s the world outside that had been forgotten here – purposefully willed into oblivion, into a nightmare-like phantom that never truly existed, often through hidden heartbreak and pain over what – or who – was left behind, in the chaos and hopelessness. They fled here over thirty years ago, and since then, there has been no contact with the outside.

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And so I was impressed enough by what I heard that day to join the expedition. Ten days later we set out, excited, enthusiastic, terribly, terribly naive, as I can see now – most of the guys seduced, like me, by the smooth talk at the Opening, with, honestly, no idea what really lay ahead. Only four of us returned, out of about twenty who left that day.

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In the still, silky night, hushed conversation exploding into short burst of laughter, flickering light of many candles outlining slender figures of girls on the shore. One by one, they wade knee deep into the river and carefully lower a flower wreath, with a lit candle in the middle onto the glistening water, and it gently, slowly floats away. Soon all of the wreaths make it to the middle of the river, a majestic stream of light moving downstream, not a single one sinking, thus promising a good, prosperous year ahead.

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When finally the weather was good enough to fly a helicopter, we circled over the island again and again, hoping against hope to see a splash of colour, a column of smoke, any sign of the missing. But our eyes glided fruitlessly over endless mounds of giant slate rocks, a barren, solemn terrain, that seemed to never had been touched by human presence, or by any life at all.

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Staring into dark
universe rising on
gusts of starwind

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And, just before Ellie closed the door – the last glance back, quick seconds weighing the years spent here, – she saw in the corner the pair of Mark’s shoes she’d bough for him in Serbia many summers ago. Now worn out,with ginger scuffs on brown leather and cracked soles, they were at the end of their travels, and she was, too – she thought, suddenly – despite leaving, despite the cumbersome, overstuffed suitcase at her feet and a plane ticket in her pocket.

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Twenty minute couple
Joined shadows across the dark street
Cold stone to sunrise

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In the huge hall hundreds of black and white tiles on the floor curved and merged into patterns that fell apart under his feet as he walked towards the door, as if he was moving across a disk of a giant kaleidoscope. He tried to force himself to look up and around, to search for clues, yet it was difficult to take his eyes off the mesmerising display.

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In the morning, we stood over a golden river, hundreds and hundreds of faithful. After our sunrise chores around the camp, we were ready for crossing, not knowing what this first day of the mission on the other side would bring.

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The place was familiar, or so Lys thought in the first moments: that crooked tree, that old fence, the house painted blue, the colour now faded and peeling – this house belonged to her aunt, an eccentric and solitary creature, and Lys sometimes would be sent here on holidays when her mother had to be away for work. But as she continued to look around, squinting in the midday sun, she was discovering things that didn’t belong in that memory, that didn’t belong in the world she knew as real at all.

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The news didn’t shock her. She stood by the window, looking without seeing at the living lace of raindrops running down the glass, and everything was quiet, so quiet. A silence that’s left once the story runs out. Something in her had seen it coming, anticipated it, an implacable verdict of fate, which deep down she felt she deserved.

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It never occurred to her that she was entitled to something more – more than these grey mornings, the kitchen window looking out onto a brick wall, the crowded commute, the artificial smile under artificial lights. Never, that is, until…

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Daria recognized the skirt instantly, almost felt the heavy scratchy wool fabric on the tips of her fingers, the cold of that foggy morning twenty years ago on her face as she opened the door, still struggling with the zipper. And the icy silk lining against her bare legs as as she run along the deserted streets, to the station, never to come back.

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Running down the escalator, my hurried feet on the stairs dance to the beat of this little universe that never stands still, its light and intermittent darkness, and the sudden gift of a familiar face so close, for a moment, and then fading, flowing up, back to the surface.

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Sun road to the centre, reaching in, reaching out, connecting what is to what might be in a straight line, radius, ray, radiance, hope.

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a facade, a cover up, no better than a big carpet to hide the dust under. true walls deserve renovations, top of the line paints. wallpaper will make you feel trapped beneath the bullshit which is facade.

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