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The dot on the wall makes me ache inside. It’s not just any dot after all but one of blood, or even more precisely, the blood of my mother. One of the last drops she shed before she died here in this room. It’s irrational, I know, but it feels like one of the only things I have left of her.

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Who is god anyway? I think it is in all our natures to look up and wonder, but what we all expect to find is somewhat different.

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Harriet placed her foot tentatively on the ground. Although she knew better, she was still surprised at how steady it was. It was hard to believe the shaking had finally stopped. Tom looked at her from across the road. She had to be brave. It was only a few short steps to him after all.

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In an instant everything can change. Cliched but true. How long is an instant anyway? A couple of seconds? A second? A millisecond? In reality it feels like an eternity. In an instant, life as I knew it was over.

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We needed a decoy. It was hard enough just to walk down the street without something to give you cover let alone waltz in over enemy lines. I just wish I wasn’t the one to do it. it’s a hard thing to have to give your life for something, even when you know it’s worth it.

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At times I am joyous. The feeling like freedom flowing through me, I could float off and not even gravity would hold me back.

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It’s always your fault at the end of the day really. it can be all too easy to go ahead and look to others’ actions; blame them for the results, but you make the choices you have to make, and by and large they are yours alone.

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Janet knew she would never truly understand the pain he was in. To have your body turn against you was in many ways the worst form of treachery she could imagine but that was all she could do, imagine it. Arthritic joints roaring in agony at her every movement. And as an artist, it had literally taken everything from him.

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He was tall and raging. She hated tall people. They made her feel diminished somehow, like she had fallen (pardon the pun) short of human requirements. The stilts only made it worse. And to top it all off, he was a clown. Damn, she hated clowns.

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He attacked with complete and utter frenzy. She couldn’t see where his teeth and claws ended and he began. It was all a blur.

It would be over soon she hoped. The screams were getting weaker but the pain in them still carried through. She was only glad it wasn’t her.

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“Can it ever be complete?” I asked.
The device rested on the table. My brother had completely taken it to pieces.
“I’m not sure,” Jack answered, “but there’s only one way to find out.”

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