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she walked on in her gown, rather impressive given her nonchalance, she strolled barren and unmade because she had grown rather comfortable and needed not to impress a mirror. life was easy for her. relatively. her troubles were still neurotic, still unwarranted and still a mark on an otherwise beautiful woman, but that’s just the way she’ll be, I thought. could she be any other way? and didn’t I once find such a strange conflict of self quite compelling? i just wanted to see the cause behind the deprecation. she could wear her gown in front of me, but not much less. that was as intimate as it got.

» Posted By dysrianism On 12.11.2011 @ 11:24 pm


rubbing my hand against the bark, it bristles coarsely as the remnants of dust and dirt are shaken from its deep crevices
i move my eye as close as possible and get lost in the detail; it’s almost like looking at skin, so intricately defined yet immaculately small, all these strands, colours, lines, all seeming as deliberate as the stroke from an paint brush against a canvas.
it’s unbelievable how many things you miss when you only look at the big picture.

» Posted By Dysrianism On 09.14.2009 @ 6:13 am


i find myself back in this corner
where all the bad thoughts find me
and swarm around menacingly in my head, tormenting me
sometimes they can be persistent, sometimes they simply breeze away without much effort
maybe saved by a friend or a nice cool breeze rustling through the tangled trees
but other times they are more persistent in their attempts to bring you as low as it is possible to go. in those times you feel like you’re clinging to a sharp, scraggly rock in the middle of the ocean, with wave upon wave smashing down on you. each wave brings another insecurity, each wave brings another layer of fear. stranded, a wreck, only a ship can save me, to rescue me from my desolation and take me back to happiness, to colour. how i long for that ship. it’s too grey to bear right now.

» Posted By Dysrianism On 09.12.2009 @ 11:52 pm


anxiety crosses my mind at intersections
unaware of which way to turn,
so many options, so many opportunities
for things to go amazingly
for things to go dismally
it seems to be that unknown element
not being able to see the result of our choices until we have made them
that seems to build the layers of anxiety
does experience peel them off?
or is it a permanent fixture
something unshakable
it’s hard to be stable when the littlest of things can bring you to your knees
begging to some benevolent being to take pity
and stop your mind from ticking
ticking until detonation

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i felt her eyes try for my neck. they were like heat-guided missiles burning upon me, with only my collar as a defense. that folded, figuratively and literally. she pulled it down and went in for the kill. i sat in rapture, my body still, daring not to breathe, trying to hold in the moment for as long as possible.

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fate isn’t real.
sometimes i like to be romantic and pretend.
one minute and this was all i could write.
fate, i guess.

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there is this pit i fall into
the darkness plunges and encloses me as my vision dims
my senses become useless, meaningless
then i am only in my head
without sight though, i see
the thing always staring back at me in this darkness
it’s always you

» Posted By Dysrianism On 08.30.2009 @ 8:24 am


its like a jungle in this habitat!
sure, that may be plagiarism but I don’t expect my mind to come up with anything better, because right now it’s falling like puzzle pieces. and i’m trying to pick them all up and put back together my head but things have changed. my habitat has changed.

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my brain is clouded
I’m given such an opportunity but the stench of alcohol alters my judgment
I see you in a light that in unfathomable
a relic of the past long gone
I mythologize you
the connection we share
the wonder i feel
it’s as if I’m staring at a pewter statue of a Greek goddess, remarkably preserved throughout the ages by some act of a miracle. Which is how I see you. A miracle to my life. You’ve changed me.

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great, I decide to start doing again and it gives me bloody tofu, is this a joke? What can I write about tofu? I’ve never even tried it. Maybe that says a lot about me. Maybe I’m close-minded. Maybe everything is a global Jewish conspiracy. Maybe everything will work out in Iraq. Wait no, fuck that.

» Posted By Dysrianism On 01.24.2010 @ 8:08 am

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