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The montage of my life scrolled on but it wasn’t me random pictures of dinner parties and dances that i attended none of my real friends were aloud, my love was not aloud. I hide in this skin, i hide from their eyes. Never will they understand. I graduated today, the montage played on slide by slide as the wealth of this place oohed and awwed over younger pictures of the fake me. My whole life has been lived in a cage a montage of different locks ordered to keep me enclosed. I sneaked away when the montage was towards its end, and found an exit only to find it locked. Through this gass door i looked up at the night sky when my eyes moved down i found my love staring back at me a small smile grew on her face, she tried the door and came to the same conclusion as me the large smile began to shrink as she looked up into my eyes i knew i could take no more of this. This moment was just like all my life a simple glass door separating me from happyness from my own heart. I am trapped. Am i trapped? I will not be trapped. I ran throug the croud arms and hands tried to slow me down words tried to cox me back but i would not go back not now not ever not even when. “SON!” i turned to see my fathers face and simply shook my head. My love stood before me in the moonlight without fear i reached out every fiber of me knew i would never be traped again. I am free. You are trapped. Are you trapped? Will you stay trapped? Are you free?

» Posted By dominique wright On 06.01.2011 @ 11:32 am

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