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The cracked heels of old women, the jagged edges of tough skin coming apart at the white cracks like sunburnt dirt.

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It was only when she took off her shoes that she was in her element again, her toes sinking into the sand like fish gills opening in the water.

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She is slightly disappointed when they leave the shop. It is not made up of unicorn hair or willow wood or anything remotely feminine at all. It is a plain and solid hickory with a bit of Common Ridgeback heartstring, an average wand reeking of cleaning charms and vegetable spells and mediocrity.

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He runs his fingers over the books, tracing the warped spines and faded gilt with a sigh.

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She walks like starlight twinkling through the cracks of night. It is a rambling butterfly’s path of a stroll, hopping barefoot over the sidewalk cracks in the silver dress her mother made for her. She flickers from magnolia to mailbox to moonpuddle, her laugh twinkling in the darkness.

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