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Did you miss the game between Auburn and Georgia?

Did you miss the election?

» Posted By devin On 11.14.2018 @ 10:54 am


like thieves,
quiet and stalking,
thin like shadows at
folding into my
crusting around my
like thieves,
always taking
and hollowing out.

» Posted By Devin On 10.27.2016 @ 5:29 pm


your synapses rapid-firing, one neural pathway after another – these are the last wet choking seconds of your life — flicker, flicker as the fire dies and fades.

» Posted By devin On 06.11.2016 @ 8:49 pm


a mini tv that is hooked up to your computer, It will show whats on your computer on the projector screen

» Posted By Devin On 02.26.2016 @ 8:56 am

kinda like a tv but it goes onto a screen by using a screen recorder thing
that hooks onto the ceiling

» Posted By Devin On 02.26.2016 @ 8:54 am


Today I will encounter a very magical sunset. I

» Posted By Devin On 02.22.2016 @ 6:20 pm


She stared down at the body, her mouth agape and tears welling up in her eyes. Kristina’s mother was dead, and Kristina was absolutely devastated.

» Posted By Devin On 01.04.2015 @ 3:50 pm


tight together we coil and uncoil beneath egyptian cotton sheets; my legs are like ivy around yours and i snake my fingers into your sweaty hair and breathe in huffs against your neck — there is a gnashing of teeth against skin and a growling in my throat and a need so heavy and visceral.

» Posted By devin On 05.22.2014 @ 12:48 pm


My instructor told me I needed more work, so I took his carving knife and carved his face into a jack-o-lantern. He’ll never be able to critique my great work again.

» Posted By Devin On 10.17.2013 @ 1:29 pm


the one thing that killed my father in the end was antithesis. it followed him for years, hiding in every shadow he passed. but he couldn’t escape its omnipresence

» Posted By Devin On 06.04.2013 @ 7:03 pm


Wheat in Minecraft isn’t as easy to get as one would think. I remember my first time making a farm, and it was much more difficult than I had first realized. I also didn’t know that you had to have a hoe to sow the seeds. It was embarrassing.

» Posted By Devin On 03.29.2013 @ 10:51 pm


i found you when i didnt know i needed you. right after my heart had stopped bleeding and was ready to fight for love again. blind and reckless i stumbled into you. not sure of what i had at the time. but you were there and so was i. both of us available. the rest is history.

» Posted By Devin On 12.11.2012 @ 9:57 pm


I use methods to solve math problems so i can get the question right. I use the fishy method to figure out my answer.

» Posted By Devin On 12.10.2012 @ 8:55 am


We both love to swim in the ocean. The fish are beautiful and the plants. They both are beautiful.

» Posted By Devin On 12.04.2012 @ 8:55 am


The sun will rise at around 7 in the morning and then it will rise the nest day we all hope.

» Posted By Devin On 11.30.2012 @ 9:02 am


Under the bridge was a stinky old troll. His name was Under done. He lived under that bridge for more than 50 years. Then the bridge was tooken away so he could not live under the bridge.

» Posted By Devin On 11.28.2012 @ 8:56 am


I have to satisfy my parents when i do my chores so i can get cool toys (: . If i don’t satisfy my parents then i wont get cool toys ): .

» Posted By Devin On 11.20.2012 @ 9:03 am


Every company has employees. If they don’t have employees then they wont have business will go out cause they don’t have employees to make the money.

» Posted By Devin On 11.16.2012 @ 8:55 am


Some people know marcial arts. Many chines know marcial arts. I want to know hpw to do marcial arts.

» Posted By Devin On 11.14.2012 @ 8:58 am

If there is more than one art.. it will be come arts. There are many arts in a museum.

» Posted By Devin On 11.14.2012 @ 8:55 am


Some people kill themselves for reason that have hurt them or they have no reason to be in the world. People should not do that to themselves.

» Posted By Devin On 11.09.2012 @ 8:55 am


The teacher teach me stuff so i can get smart. Certain teachers teach certain things like math science and english. They teach this stuff because thats what they know most about and they may like it.

» Posted By Devin On 11.07.2012 @ 8:54 am


I use a pencil to write. I use a computer to type. I use many resources to find out answers.

» Posted By Devin On 11.05.2012 @ 9:05 am

I use my pencil to write on paper. A pencil helps me get my stuff done. If i don’t use a pencil i must use a computer to send anything i need to. I like to use a computer because I am faster at it. I only like to use computers but i have to use pencil alot.

» Posted By Devin On 11.05.2012 @ 9:01 am


I was presence in Mr. Wooley’s class today so i can work on a project that i must finish.

» Posted By Devin On 11.01.2012 @ 10:08 am


past. gone. nostalgia. a feeling of emptyness knowing that what was could never be again. It’s past. It’s gone. Close your doors and come tommorow for hope of a better future.

» Posted By devin On 02.09.2013 @ 11:00 pm


I always have a solution for something. I might be lost with no food or water but i will have a solution to find my food and water.

» Posted By Devin On 10.24.2012 @ 9:54 am


One day i got braces and thy hurt my teeth. But when i got them off my teeth were straight and i was happy. I always smile with my teeth. My teeth are perfect. (:

» Posted By Devin On 10.22.2012 @ 9:54 am


to bury something is to put it underground so it’s not in site. You can bury a body underground.

» Posted By Devin On 10.16.2012 @ 10:13 am

When you want to put something under ground you can bury the thing. By doing that you must dig a hole it has to be as big as the thing you’re putting under ground. Get a shovel and dig the hole as deep as you need it.

» Posted By Devin On 10.16.2012 @ 10:01 am

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