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a greenery is what people see when they are driving by plant stores in their cars. quite simply put, a greenery is where plants are taken to be grown. in the greenery, plants get greener. this could be called greening, and the process of greening could be called greeenering. a kind of green engineering. another kind of greenery is the place holding many types of green. many types of green. not a place where greens go to get greener, but a place full of a variety of greens that make no distinction as to their stage of greening.

» Posted By Davy On 08.12.2017 @ 12:29 am


He waits, sweating. Eyes darting to and fro and forth and back. Suspicious. Cut by a sense of impending doom.
Can’t let the librarians know he’s loading porn.

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i had had plans as to what to say and do to my father when i met him for the first time. but the moment was completely utterly the most strangest circumstance i had ever witnessed.

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Suppose I take a green wand and stick it where the sun don’t shine and the cocked will fry. keep supposing yourself and you will find dawn bakes us a good three pence richer.

» Posted By Davy On 10.04.2011 @ 7:23 am

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