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Mistletoe hung from the rafters like green and red confetti. She stared up at it. How was she ever going to get it down? She grabbed a latter but it was over her head still. He came over with a pressure washer. “I can help for $50.

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The apartment’s been empty for a few years now, but I keep going back to it. Whenever I’m in your part of town, I drive past, almost expecting you to be there waiting for me. It’s stupid. I shouldn’t be looking for you still, after all this time, but you DID make me a promise.

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It’s awfully specific. That’s what I told him when he explained his business plan to me. He kept going and going on about how this app was going to change everyone’s lives, how the smallest details engrained within the app were going to drastically change the users’ perspectives and ideas. I didn’t believe him.

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listening to music
allows for privacy
being inappropriate in public
personal preferences

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Daisies are beautiful white flowers with big centers that attract your attention and your nose for a smell. They run in packs and cover the landscape with their big petals begging you to come and pick them and take them home.

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There are people that will come into your life and stay. Others will take the revolving door and see their way out. Either way it’s all meant to be.

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Trailing through the sand behind my lover I wandered. I thought of the past, sinking into my regret. My head dropped lower and lower at the thought of the trials and tribulations we had encountered. I was so focused on trudging through my troubles I looked up to find no one, and no footsteps left to follow.

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Looking back at the first relationship I ever prided myself on, I was completely misled into thinking that the man I entered into it with was someone better than he was. He lied, abused, mistreated, and hurt me. I think I’m taking on that role now. It’s incredibly misleading when you get notions in your head that you or your partner are better people than you are capable of. I can’t believe that it’s taken me this long in my life to finally get a clear picture of who I am and what I am capable of – but I’ve realized I only see it from such a negative light. I am capable to be such a great person, I will never be misled from that person I can be – the best of me.

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to have less thank before… to lose ones position. to settle for something not necessarily what you wanted or dreamed

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Coming into the new year I think we can all relate to trying to breakout of old habits . It’s harder than I think most people think. Personally I’m trying to breakout of bad habits so I can get pregnant. I think giving up coffee will be the hardest one to give up. Also just eating healthier is going to be a challenge but also I’m up for that challenge. I[‘m scared but also so excited to start this new chapter of our lives. Hopefully this will go smoothly.

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We live in a heliocentric solar system. I have been called the sun more than once. I used to think it was a compliment, but now I know it is a criticism.

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Some days I know I’ll never recover. Being sober is a clean feeling inside me, but I know clean doesn’t last. The white flat surface of sobriety gets flecked, stained, marked by every day bullshit and the marks don’t come out. Drinking is the detergent.

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A question left dangling gives you power over me and I want to bite back my words, my teeth red with blood. I don’t even want to meet your eyes. No quester needs somebody like you in their life, a person who makes a mockery of curiosity, like anything I would like to know is the exact wrong thing to ask about. The wrong thing to even think about.

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Unanswered calls, texts. Unanswered letters. You get to thinking someone has dropped off the face of the Earth. But you know better. They are out there somewhere, buying coffee, fucking around, going to work. Out there living out the same time you have been given, but they are doing it while withholding from you, they are concealed. They breathe this air, they feel the sun – but they elude you.
It is easier being ignored than being in demand, yet you want answers.

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Armor is protective items to cover a person or thing and protect them from injury or damage. A suit of armor is a full body suit of metal. Armor can also be a hand held shield or heavy metal vehicles.

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she didn’t know where to start.
“so what exactly am i doing?”
the buzzer went off.
“oh fuck.”

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I prefer to be alone. No matter how many she said it, it still wasn’t true. But she hated being with other people too. She didn’t know what was worse. Lying to them or lying to herself. How do you tell the truth when the truth is you’d prefer to simply not be at all.

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Our lives are impacted by our genes. Everything we do, say and think is entirely decided by our genes.
Genetical impact is not the only factor to contribute to our own lives, our environment is also a contributing factor.

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He looked to the jury, hands folded neatly in his lap. “You wanna the truth? You really wanna know the truth?” His eyes met each of theirs. “I did it. I did all of it. Every Goddamn thing they’ve told you… I did it.”

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Opinions is something that everyone has. Thats being, everyone has diffurent opinions. In the world i see around me today, the opinions i see the most are about changes that people think are needed in the world.

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jabbed in the foot with the opening door the skin is sarred no longer bleeding bleeding
who says sars an’t be healed. they an but you have to believe it.

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the panda bear slowly climbed up the last tree. it looked around the empty forest. there was nothing. no bamboo left. just her, and the last tree. she slowly climbed back down and laid down. her last time going to sleep, and she would slip into an endless sleep.

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Today I felt recharged and refreshed. Previous days had not been so good, as I was down in the dumps and didnt feel so good. But today when I woke up, The world was different, everything has changed, and this was all because one little wish last night…..

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Today was a good day. I felt like my whole body was charged, and everything was refreshed. previously I have been down in the dumps, and not excited about anything. But today was a whole new day, and my world was about to change.

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the smog rose and fell like my chest does when i fill it up. the smog is damp and deep and dark and i peer through it, squinting, trying to make out the figure lurking behind it. is t

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He likes being on stage more than almost anything in the world. Being in front of a screaming crowd, the sweat and the stage lights, the thump of Preston’s drums behind him and the guitar in his hands: there’s nothing better.

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I think camp might be a fun place to go. I would rather go camping with my family in a camper. A fire with s’mores would be fun while camping. I think I would enjoy camping.

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Yes yes the snow is living the plants are dying but what does that really matter? Why can u just see what hidden Horace, it’s not about the obvious you twat. With that I smiled, Horace was really a simpleton. Well we can’t all be like you can we. Well he was right, it’s rather lonely thinking the way I do.

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conviction is to charge. conviction is to assume. to convict someone of a crime is like saying they have no say so. they did it. every day people go to jail or get accused of something they could never do but that doesn’t mean all that they say is true.

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