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The backdrop of a curtain. a play. Maybe CAts or wicked? I’ve always wanted to be an actor in a play. The sights and sounds and the attention of the audience. Commanding authority and being the star. I love to be dramatic. I think I have what it takes. It would be so fun. Like Black Swan. I am the black swan. fuck man!!

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The bulb sprang to life with the touch of the button. It flooded the room with light. I wish I hadn’t seen the room fully lit. It was a sick mess.

» Posted By dan On 02.10.2018 @ 12:30 pm


There were copies of everything, from faces to feet, from ears to earwigs. The copiers were everywhere, cheap, unavoidable. Mothers kept copies of their children in racks next to the doors of their houses. One per day for years. Some had all of the copies from after birth but most just kept monthly or yearly copies for posterity.

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Eu encaro essa página. Eu encaro o céu lá fora. E o sol que se junta com as árvores. Eu encaro a vida com certo temor, mas não é o temor que deixa tudo mais misterioso? Eu apenas encaro. Encaro de frente. Sem medo. Apenas eu e o mundo.

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casual is the feeling of relaxation. That freedom you have when you have so much to do but you realize that you have a choice of what to do and what not to. Casual is not the opposite of serious or official but a statement of confidence and freedom.

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adam jackson gives me such a hard on, it towers over me.

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to the surprise of the young boy, the teach through the duster with a gigantic boom that woke the sleepy class into action

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There’s nothing I’ve ever felt that I need to prove. I am as I am, take it or leave it. Of course, I would appreciate your approval but I can live without it.

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Big man. Small army.

» Posted By Dan On 02.17.2016 @ 5:29 pm

Legion of armies
One man wins

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A full spectrum of nonsense is what most of my job entails. I wonder sometimes how I manage to maintain my sanity as well as the illusion that I know what the fuck I’m doing. It’s an interesting little balancing act. Between moving up thtrough the ranks and getting more and more responsiblity without really knowing wehther or not I’ve actually earned that.

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i slept with him once and never saw him again. not very smart of me.

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I’d suck Braxton Metcalf’s cock and balls. triplets.

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i would tear off every shred of braxton metcalf’s clothes if i had the chance. I want him badly.

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To make a stand. One must first have a belief, and hold it. Its a great phrase to make a stand. Because it has such great imagery. I always hold to mind someone in a room of sitters standing proudly unconcerned by those around him.

» Posted By dan On 10.27.2015 @ 11:47 pm


Hair, his hair was styled with blond streaked pips, geled every so slightly making a wave crested like the opera house. Michael Clarkes hair when he was 25 was styled.

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control. it was a big thing for me.
bigger than for most people, although i dont think anybody had ever realised.
i wanted control, not the way hitler wanted control, but the way that a river wants control. not to shout orders and to have them obeyed, but rather to rush through life without pomp or grandeur and still have the river banks step smartly back from my outstretched hands.

» Posted By dan On 09.26.2015 @ 12:24 pm


it was a noise she was familiar with: the crack of firewood in the grate as the flames finally took hold. the crack of a stone hitting the windshield on long roadtrips with her father. the crack of her finger joints popping into place.
but never before had she heard so many successive, earth shattering cracks.
the crack of the wood beneath her feet. the crack that came from somewhere beind her head. the silent crack in her mind as she realised why her hands were not already pushing her up.

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the nurse was tired. it had been a long day.
she had always believed – possibly due to her parents disgust at her lack of children- that she was meant to help with others children to atone for not bursting forth with screaming infants of her own. but why did such miserable, soul-dstroying thoughts keep creeping up on her in her darkest moments – how had she grown up retching at the mere thought of having kids, but ended up feeling like a single mother to eight in the maternity ward ?

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What a place where I can find my way? It takes my life and makes it something for all to see. When I’m there, they look at me with such disdain that I can not bear. But what shall we make of a place in time? What shall we make of something that is only mine? I will keep this for myself, a place like nowhere else.

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I cannot undo the chase that brought me here. I can’t take off my coat. walk back upstairs and sit on the bed. I can’t erase the days it took to get me here.

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bank. being canadian. bacon. tim hortons but not so much any more but maybe it’s about sharing our culture with others while still keeping them canadian! eh? americans love it when we say eh. why?

» Posted By Dan On 06.12.2015 @ 10:22 am


The horizon was fading into the glow of the sunrise. It was gorgeous but too bright to stare at directly. Like any true beauty.

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There are some things that I’ve found to be essential to living well. First: friends. You’re nothing without the company you keep. You also need to accept your limitations. You can do everything or be everything to everybody. You need to get your sleep, and be productive with idle time. Easier said than done; distraction is everywhere.

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His response was surprisingly metered. The coffee was steaming, you could tell it was hot. It ran down his shirt. He didn’t scream, he didn’t cry, but you could tell how mad he was.

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He felt captured, enslaved. What wouldn’t he do for money? People in the past had it way worse, but that didn’t comfort him much. He lay in bed at night, wandering what it all was for.

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She studied every day until her brain hurt. She wasn’t sure if this was the best way of going about getting smart. But then she recalled that acing the test and the class was her only goal. She would then wipe her proverbial hard drive and forever be better off for having ever even attempted to know Trigonometry.

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Everywhere I go I am at the mercy of others. I used to value control, I used to have my life in order, but ever since I left home I’m learned to depend on and appreciate the goodwill of others. So far it has gotten me around the world and made me plenty of friends. I am careful not to overstay my welcome or let anyone feel taken advantage of.

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Around the holidays, I went out with a girl who was a schoolteacher. She was all set to read her kids Olive the Other Reindeer to her class the next day. We had a fun evening together, went out to eat and then bummed around a bookstore, and then never saw each other again.

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I was charmed the first time I saw her. At the end of the night, I thought about her: her smile, her hair, her laugh. I hoped I would see her again because I didn’t think to ask for her number. I hope she could sense how I felt, and maybe felt the same way about me.

» Posted By dan On 12.28.2014 @ 11:10 am

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