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I wish I could be the quick-witted type of clever. The kind that is fast to crack a joke or a playful comeback. My best friend is that way, and it is a trait that I wholeheartedly admire about her.

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When you think of a monster, what do you think of? Is it a beast from a horror movie? Monsters are out there, but in they are sometimes in a different for. A normal, human being form. Humans can haunt each other just like monsters in movies terrorize their victims. We are all monsters, in a way. We all do harm to other people’s lives.

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You walk up to the elaborate door of the large, brick building. The door is a wood with beautiful, fancy carvings. Not only is it a visual beauty, it is an entrance to a building that you will be at almost every day for the next four, long years. You will fill your head full of knowledge in this building, and will probably leave behind some of your sanity by the time the four years is over. The time is finally here. The power of the moment overwhelms you. You have reached the real world. You take a deep breath as you walk through the fancy door, the as it is a portal into your newfound college life.

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Confidence is key. You hear that with almost every sport and in most schools. Confidence is the key to everything. But in the world today, most people struggle with confidence issues, myself included. It is almost inevitable to struggle with confidence, with the way kids this day and age tear each other apart. It shouldn’t be like that. We have to back each other up. We are all that some of us have. Instead of bringing people down to give yourself confidence, try building someone up. You might be surprised out how their response can give you confidence in the world.

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Beginnings are magical. They can be the start of a new chapter of your life, and bring great joy. Or, beginnings can bring pain. They can wreck your dreams, leaving your to watch as the last embers of your fairy tale go dark.

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what happened was, well, she didn’t quite know. one moment they saw the snake, the creature, the THING rising up from the mound of sand in front of them and then he was down and the snake was gone as soon as it had arrived. she was glad that, big as it was, it had decided to make only one of them its prey and spare the others instead of hanging around.

but he was down.
and he mattered more than a hundred of the others.

» Posted By cupcakes On 01.02.2009 @ 10:37 pm

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