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Liza kept walking up the stairs to the attic. She was quite determined to steal the neighbours’ large rubber boat that was big enough for six rafters. She knew that they keep the bat on the attic rafters. The question was where the hell the plug is and how could she inflate the thing again.

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The big yellow van has towed the wreck of our sad little Trabant out of the bush and along the highway. That was a joke anyway to call that strange soviet vehicle a “car”, but after the crash, it was so much like a toy sardine box that we couldn’t help but laugh at our misery. We have just laughed and laughed until we were hit by a giant lorry.

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She was strolling on the beach. What she saw in the water was a bottle with a message inside it. She had managed to grab the bottle and open it. There was a message indeed, the clumsy paraphrase of her favourite poem:

“This Is Just To Say

I have drunk
the wine
that was in
the bottle

and which
you would probably
with pleasure

Forgive me
it was delicious
so dry
and so bold.”

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The Hell’s bell is a cute, shiny still horrible little thing. It hangs on a beautiful red velvet ribbon above the head if the damned soul. And when this poor spirit finally is getting a peace of mind or would become almost reserved with its situation, this tiny freak of an instrument starts to ring with blaring, unstoppable, infuriating sound.

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Then pain illuminated his mind with a sudden, bright white light, burning out everything else from his consciousness. Nothing existed, only pain. Soon, he didn’t exist either. And so the pain has ceased.

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The circus has started to awake. It was a new day, and the director was reflecting on last night’s show over a not so “damn good” cup of coffee. It’s a commonplace fact that the sector has been declining for a very long time, but he felt the anachronism of the whole thing painfully in his bones. This legacy has gotten harder every single night.

» Posted By cup On 09.30.2018 @ 3:44 am


I wonder what the plot of my first novel would be. I am not a social butterfly, I am not buzzing around people all the time so this novel probably would reflect that fact and my love of bildungsroman novels. In a nutshell, the plot of the novel would be the following: a strange stupid little girl is growing up all alone in a junkyard of abandoned toys etc. and developing her personality accordingly. Then one day, a bulldozer would come to destroy all that shit. So original, isn’t it?

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Pete awoke with a terrible thought: his life was stolen from him. And now, he is “living” in his sad, empty and purposeless shell of existence as a toilet brush holder. His so-called life is so full of shit!

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The place was a pool of shadows. Odd shapes, mystical shades and gruesome umbras were lurking behind the altar. The chapel was so full of shadow-creatures that it would not be hyperbolic to call it the temple of incubi.

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The general idea of the massacre was that Sisyphusian euglenids became fed up with being Sisyphusian. They wanted a meaning and a real goal for their life. They were tired of aimless phagocytosis and substrate-gliding. Time has come for them to be idealists and to start a real fuckin’ evolution.

» Posted By cup On 11.23.2017 @ 1:20 am


Claus gave up his job as an office clerk to be a YouTube star after his channel about Teddy bears became increasingly successful. All started one year ago when he uploaded a video about his torn teddy bear which he got 40 years ago from his mother when he was in a hospital for two weeks. And now, everything in his life was about teddy bears, teddy bear design, teddy bear manufacturing, teddy bear history, teddy bear collections, teddy bears all the way.

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I supposed that we live in a world where chocolate bunnies get the treatment they deserve. Today, it has changed. A chocolate factory, abiding consumerism, started to convert chocolate bunnies to chocolate Santas AND fill them up with tiny pink and blue marshmallows. Marshmallows!
As my great great grandpa always said, there’s no respect in this world anymore.

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The drunk man was staggering along the street, like a comedian in a silent slapstick movie. However, there was a strange beauty in his movements, a precision of the rhythm of his steps, waves and tumbles, resembling a mathematical sequence or a musical dynamic. It was a real phenomenon to behold.

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This Halloween, the pumpkin fields are in real danger. A formidable religious sect of chocolate bunnies is merging, plotting a hideous flash mob for these ridiculous and loathsome festivities.There is only one thing they do not take into account: they will not ridicule this holiday, they will realise its very essence: every single pumpkin will be torn out, smashed on the street and arranged in a bunny-shape, lit by candles and carved in like easter eggs – this will be a truly awful Halloween-experience for the kidos.

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I worship mashed potatoes. There is nothing so beautiful, symmetrical, perfect and mesmerizing as a plate of nice, pulpy mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are guarding the secrets of the universe, they are the hidden meaning behind everything you see, they are the cure for every ailment, the solution for the world’s problem and they are the Gods who save us all.
Mashed potatoes for president, as they are still a better election story than Donald Trump.

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The old lady was walking in the forest, slowly taking her steps. Suddenly, a sweet voice had her attention. It was the strange, high-pitched childhood sound of a small toy harmonica. Still, the musician was playing virtuously, as far as you can master an instrument with only a few notes.

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The little Central-European exchange kiosk was a busy place. Euros, pounds, forints, leis, and rubles were changing hands every day, earning a large margin for the shop owner. There was one currency though, which was entirely useless and abandoned: dollars were as useless here as a half pair of holey, rugged socks.

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A dog is barking at a tree as if the dog would like to bark the tree, shaming its bark for hiding insects and being the commodity for Noah’s Bark.

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It is not enough to say that Trudy was discontent with herself. She was heart-burning to the extremes, alienated from her body, mind, and soul as well. There was not a single sentence she pronounced or written that she was contented with and she was punishing herself for her own ugly, unsophisticated, mentally sluggish thoughts. She simply was not even a thousand-miles close to the person she wanted to be, no matter how hard she worked to fix the imperfections of her body, cultivate her mind, refine her worldviews and personality. She tried to be thankful for who she is and what she has, but even these efforts were pathetic little failures by her eyes. She wasn’t satisfied any features of her body, personality or skills.
One day, Trudy woke up, and she saw an entirely different person in the mirror. She was a man. Tall, dark-haired, black-eyed guy, not resembling a bit of herself or her family members.
First, s/he was extremely happy, being freed from the previous prison of a body, even the thinking was a completely different process this time.
“Yes, different,” s/he thought, “but not better, not at all.”
S/he was devastated. S/he again was examining herself closely, with particular attention to every detail. S/he did not find any detail which, at least partially, could please her.

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His flat was a soundproof, lightproof, people-proof heaven-like prison, where no one could intrude in any way. Not even a single flyer advertisement, nor the internet could break into his peace and quiet, there was nothing to test his social skills or self-control.

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She often felt that her life was an unopened flask full of a magic dust called nothing. She never opened the flask, so she got nothing, but even if she opened it, she would have just ended with a hint of magical nothingness.

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The vultures were gathering around the rocks, like dark clouds before a storm. They were smelling death, the sweet time for having a feast.

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Daisies for the brave, daisies for the coward.
Daisies for your day you spent in front of your computer, merging work and free time.
Yes, you fucking deserve daisies for it.

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The traditional customs of Mushroom Land can cause some really serious concerns. For example, when you lick a stranger’s ear as an expression of outward respect, you may get infected with a special type of carnivorous mushroom. Morever, it can look very silly, so it is hard for bystanders to respect the well-honoured stranger while you are licking his or her ear.

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Monsters come from vastly different places. My monsters mostly come from a wild lemonthorn bush, waiting for the worst moment to jump put and carve into my flesh with their claws.

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Other people may keep geraniums on their balcony, but he decided to fill up the window boxes with green, rotten chocklet bunies.

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She went to the bakery and bought one of those long french baguettes.
Back at home, it was still warm and soft and really delicious. She ate almost the whole bread with butter and jam.
It reminded her at a time when she was a little girl and she first met Tom the Stranger.

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Tammysmith was his code name. He sent private messages on oneworddotcom, looking for morons who can easily beleive that glorious business opportunities are arriving on the internet in private messages from fake named strangers. Whitout they themselves working hard, sending applications, studying, developing ideas etc.
Hovewer, “Tammy” really did find some of those greedy and/or desperate people. Now, they were the hosts in his vaccine-industry. His little Indias. Growing deadly viruses, cute little xenomorphs and tiny pink-and-blue marshmelllow panda cubs in their stomach.

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The monk was a whithdrawn, introverted person, sick of people’s pettiness. As a child, all he wanted was to escape from the world into the quite solitude of a monastery full of books and silence. Reading, learning and praying all day, that was his wish. And now, that it is said to be came true, his days were full of the shit, the chattering and the demands of other votaries. They were as two-faced, gossipy, malevolent and odious as everybody else.

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This year Spring Cleaning was especially tiring for her. He swept the floor, washed all the textil pieces of the whole house, packed the cupboards aout and in and swept and swept and swept. It was boring and tidious as everyday chores can be. But then, almost as a reward at the end of the day, she found something really interesting in one of her drawers.

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