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Sometimes there are wounds that won’t heal. All you can do is bandage it and hope it’ll stop hurting. Sometimes they never stop hurting and all you can do is bandage it so it won’t get worse. Over time you get use it, the constant attention, the everyday ritual of bandaging the wound so it won’t get worse and it becomes common place.

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I want her. I wanted her more than anything else than I’ve ever wanted. It’s just that simple. Except, I can’t have her because she doesn’t want me. And it’s just that simple.

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There was a lot to remember. He had lived a long life and all that was left was an old, dusty trunk full of little things he had kept. Keys from the first apartment he had lived in with her, a handful of photos

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He couldn’t hide it. She stood in front of him staring. She had the tape with him cheating on her with her sister and all he could think of was how she caught them. How she got it on tape. The relationship had been over a long time ago. The love wasn’t there. She knew it too. She just wanted to know why her sister.

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You do things. Sometimes you do them for a reward. And if you do often enough for the reward, you only start doing it for the reward enough of just doing it because you want to. So when the reward goes away, you eventually stop doing it.

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Everyone asks you the same question. I guess it’s a part of the rite of passage of getting older. They ask you how it feels. If it feels different. The are only three times when you actually feel different, when you’re sixteen, eighteen, and twenty-one.

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The first thing I noticed about her was her colorful silk scarf wrapped around her hair. It was a paisley design with red and pink and purple and beige. It made her stand out from the others in their drab dress or pant suits with their masculine, business workplace hair cuts because they wanted to be taken more seriously.

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He kept telling me, actually screaming at me. I wasn’t exactly sure what he was screaming at me about. I stopped paying attention once his voice reached that shrieking level. I did catch something about how assumptions make an ass out of you and me.

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It’s my allergies I told her. That’s why I keep sneezing. The truth was that I had a brain tumor and that’s why I kept sneezing all the time. I didn’t want her to know. I didn’t want her to worry. I just wanted her to be her around me.

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He stared at the numbers intently as if staring at the numbers on his computer screen would change them. He plugging in the numbers again, deliberately pressing each number on the keypad, hoping that he might have previously made a mistake. But they kept coming out the same. His wife had been embezzling money from the company.

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It was his bald head and his protruding nose that made him look like a vulture. His glaring blue eyes and prominent brow with bushy white eyebrows didn’t help either. He scared me at times when he stared at me. I didn’t know it then, but he was a kind soul.

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Being locked in a box sucks. You don’t realize how time you have in a day until you’re stuck doing nothing. And then you start going crazy. You don’t realize how many different spaces there are in your head until you start examining all of them one at a time.

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As he approached the house, her house, his hands began to get sweaty. Just thinking about what he was going to do made him nervous. Then he saw her. And him. She was kissing him. He tightened his grip around the daisy in his hand, the one he was going to give her.

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I was about to leave. I didn’t even know why I was at the bar tonight. I was bored and miserable, nothing in my life was working out. Then I saw her. She was beautiful. She just seemed to radiate something. I don’t know what it was. I stayed until closing just watching her. I know it’s creepy, but I couldn’t help myself. I went home alone.

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He couldn’t sleep. He laid there in bed, tossing and turning and trying to get comfortable. He needed a good night’s rest if he was going to be at his best. Everyone was counting on him, but really he wanted to be the best. He was driven to be the best. Nothing else would be good enough.

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I sat there, on the frayed, fading and yellowing couch, waiting. I was promised a show, one of epic proportions, and that is what I expected. I expected to be entertained. And when I was about get up and leave, she walked in. More like sauntered in front of me and began to move her hips.

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There were red flags all of the place, telling him it won’t turn out the way he wanted. But he ignored them all. He was stupid. He was in love. He didn’t give the warnings a second thought. He was smart, but just not when it came to his heart. He could always come up with an excuse.

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I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. I kept drifting off to the left as I walk. I wouldn’t noticed until my shoulder brushed against the wall of a building. There was so much on my mind. What I was going to do? How would I get everything done? How much time I didn’t have.

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It wasn’t much. It was just a lone strand of her reddish brown hair. He found it on his pillow and it brought back memories of when she was his. Life was better then.

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I was standing so close to her I could breathe in her scent. It was as the cliche goes intoxicating. I wanted to kiss her so badly at that point, but I knew I shouldn’t. The time wasn’t right. The time was never right. So I just brushed the stray strand of hair out of her face and walked away.

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Pine cones…they litter the ground underneath the tree. Most of them are a waste in that they will never become the big tall tree that dropped them. But once in a while, that long shot, a pine cone will grow into another tree. Maybe even a bigger tree.

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The two boys looked at each other. They both wanted to explore the cave they found, but they were afraid. They could see the fear in each others eyes, but they couldn’t talk about it. The only question was who would go first.

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He stood there in the night, underneath the tree (so cliche, I know). He was wavering on whether or not to do it, to commit the perfect crime. Everyone dreams about doing, but he had planned and plotted every miniscule detail. It was perfect.

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a long time ago I was running to catch a train in Thailand and I was carrying a large amount of KFC chicken, and the sight of a chubby foreigner trotting along with a large bag of chicken must have seemed amusing to the locals. they we in hystarics

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She was beautiful. The way she rode the philly as the they trotted around the dirt track. It was as if she was an extension of the horse, a Greek mythology centaur of sorts. I couldn’t stop staring.

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The sprinklers in the front yard went off at 7 in the morning. They always went off at that exact time. They were on a timer. He started out his window watching the water spray as he sipped his coffee. It was a bright, clear day and a good day to die.

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Sometimes all you can do is survive. There isn’t much else to do except try to get by and wake up tomorrow and hope it’ll get better. But one morning or one afternoon, you get tired…tired of scraping by, tired of just surviving and you want more.

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I knew it was futile…that I would chase her, but never get her. But something inside me told me I needed to try. Sure she was out of my league…much smarter, better looking, funnier, kinder. Sometimes miracles happen. Maybe it would happen for me.

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sometimes i chase the butterflies around the neighborhood. i laugh at the way there wings flap around and how they are all different colors. its cool.

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He was sore, covered in bruises and small scrapes. It was a hard fought battle, but he was the victor. He crawled home because his legs refused to carry the weight of his body and the memento of his victory. Once in his abode, he rubbed the foul smelling balm over his muscles before he collapsed, clutching his prize to his chest.

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