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obedience, truth religions, church moral base, life , light, savori. gravce, love, demanding, conflict, sin, stories, salvation, help, burden lis=fter, all good things, group, studies, readins, ancient stories, relavency, last one standing, pslms, songs, poets, intereting, applied rules, applied love, laws, falling human, human condition, adam and eve, celeg]bratons, hallijulla. praise, front to back, interpretations, foghts, arguments, separations, variety of interpretations, demoninations, ansers, questions, more questions, hell, heaven, must be true, absolutel truth, exclusions, inclusion, new and old, righteous, wrong, intelligence, justification for percecution,

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Flexible arms, flexible legs, that’s what you need to reach out to what you need. Never give up, just reach higher and higher, flex them to the direction you want and you’ll get it. Just flexible toughts can save the world.

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Here is my personal account of the Sun in in Spring. It’s tied up in a box with a string.

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Giving your all for a great goal. Being happy just where you are right now! Sharing your talents with those around. Doing your best each day. Continuing to learn and grow even when you are a professional. Never stop. Always learn.

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Everyone is so concerned with their figures these day, either their physical appearance, or financial figures. Whether its how much can we spend today, how much have we eaten, people seem to be permanently engaged in counting.

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warm. calming. sweet. delicious. mentally healthy. love. red velvet. chocolate mousse. cake. ice cream. brownies. cookies.

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The library was cool and quiet. The smell of old books hung in the air. All around people sat, lost in worlds of fantasy, drama and intrigue.

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She looked at her wrist, at the old tarnished silver bracelet that she always wore. It was a reminder of the past, of all the things that could have been. She gave a sigh. What was the use of dwelling on faded dreams? It as time to look forward – to make a new future with someone who was in her present, and not in the past.

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The kettle was tarnished, but not that old. She thought it had probably been hidden there for only a couple of years. She pulled it out and reached inside. Something crackled in her hand. Her hand wrapped around a bundle and she cautiously drew it out.

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Oh MY LAURA MARLING’s Gotta A Temper. Get Her Up GET HER UP I SAY! She’s fallen down. DOWNNNNNNNNNN. Oh dear lord WHAT ARE WE TO DO!!!!!! Her face is purple with the rage of a burning flashlight in a UV purple Light oF DOOOOOOOOM. Vitamin water you say? That’s purple. Give her some of that. Vitamin H2O Healz.

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I went to the market for sun chips. And then I realized–Sun Chips. Sun Chips Are Good For The Soul. One Less Lonely Sun Chip.

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His sheets were flannel and I thought I wouldn’t like that. I never sleep with things that aren’t smooth or silky, but I slept with him and his flannel sheets and held them both and loved them best I could.

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I am patient most of the time and sometimes. But not All The Time. To be patient All The Time would be a virtue. If I went upstairs right now I would not be patient. If I stay here I would be.

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I don’t have a watch. It is upsetting because most of the time I don’t know what time it is. But it’s OK.

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“Check mate,” he said as he walked past. His hand heavy on my shoulder. “Check mate?” I echoed, unsure and unable to think of a response that would in any way make sense. He nodded, moving my queen two spaces and there it was.

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trees flowers smeall lovely and make my summer days all fine and beautiful. the coulours fo teh tree in spring mae my days and eveings brighten the smaile

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a bird that spies a meal.
a soul that remains tied to it’s earthly body.
a hand over a sleeping face wants to softly touch.
floating. weightless. unbound.

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deserts, and we are rotten, we are rotten, we fall from the bones and into dirt. we are pushed by the sun.

and we are vultures, and we pick life from death and eat life from death.

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Being with my little boy makes me feel proud. I created that life and watching it grow is amazing. He is so clever and I see the world through a fresh pair of eyes. As he learns, it makes me learn too. I couldnt be prouder of him. I hope he never lets me down…

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not able yo be seen. some people hide things because they’re afraid to show others. hiding can be fun, like hide and go seek. things that are hidden should sometimes stay hidden, other times they must be uncovered.

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agoy man was very good had a trick up his arm and went one handed into the air legs apart
wide open

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Dial tones are really annoying especially when you think you’ve called someone and all you hear is that stupid woman saying, “if you’d like to make a call…” I hate talking on the phone because of the awkward silences, which is weird cause usually I like silence and being alone, but not being lonely.

» Posted By CP On 10.21.2009 @ 4:06 pm

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